13 TV Shows and Streaming Series to Watch in February 2023

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A number of highly anticipated new and returning TV shows will debut in February.

Television programming in February spans a variety of genres, from drama to animation, with the return of classics like “You” and the debut of the new series “Dear Edward.”


What to watch on streaming TV in February is listed below.

“The Proud Family: Louder and Prouder”

Currently playing on Disney+


In the revival of the well-known Disney animated series “The Proud Family,” Penny Proud, the main character, is still adjusting to high school. Billy Porter, an Emmy winner, is back to do voiceover work. Its second season is now airing.


Watching it right now on Netflix


The new Netflix series is an offshoot of “On My Block,” another programme. Four heroes who discover a cursed box serve as the main characters in the new series. As mystery, adventure, and humour unfold, they must now find out how to break the curse.

“Dear Edward”

Currently playing on Apple TV+


The ensemble of this inspiring and sad tale is led by “Orange Is the New Black” star Taylor Schilling and Emmy contender Connie Britton. Colin O’Brien, a novice, portrays Edward, a small child who is the only person to survive an aircraft disaster. Everyone impacted by the tragedy quickly joins together in a variety of ways.


Watching it right now on Netflix


The drama, which is based on the popular Netflix series “Elite,” follows the tale of three teenagers from a deprived Delhi area attending a prestigious high school where there are murders and secrets. Ashim Ahluwalia, a recipient of the National Film Award, is the show’s director.


Watch right now on Prime Video


Meagan Good, Grace Byers, Shoniqua Shandai, and Jerrie Johnson are among the returning actors from the first season of “Harlem” to appear in the second. The ladies continue to balance their personal and professional lives as they get ready for a girls’ getaway.

“The Flash”

View on The CW on February 8


The ninth and last season of the venerable CW programme “The Flash” has begun. It will be the culmination of the “Arrowverse” world that began with the television show “Arrow.” Grant Gustin is back as the movie’s main character.


Watch on Netflix on Feb. 9


For the fourth season of the popular Netflix psychological thriller “You,” Penn Badgley makes a comeback. The first of the two segments of the programme will be broadcast on February 9; the second will follow in March.

“You” Season 4 poster
“You” Season 4 poster.
“Wu-Tang: An American Saga”

View on Hulu on February 15


For a third season, the historical drama series that depicts a dramatised story of how the iconic rap group Wu-Tang Clan came to be is back. The series’ last season is this one. In their pursuit of fame, the group’s members will keep fighting the repressive forces keeping them down.

“Animal Control”

Watch on Fox on February 16


Funnyman In the brand-new comedy about a former policeman who works as an animal control officer, Joel McHale plays the lead role. The single-camera programme focuses on the shady daily routines of animal control officers.

“Hello, Tomorrow!”

On February 17th, stream on Apple TV+


In this retro-futuristic comedy starring Billy Crudup, a gang of travelling salespeople are trying to sell timeshares on the moon. Emmy winner Hank Azaria joins Crudup in the cast.

“Outer Banks”

Watch on Netflix on Feb. 23


The popular coming-of-age series “Outer Banks” from Netflix is back for a third season. As the main heroes search for their next prize, this season promises to intrigue and more adventures. Additionally, as the characters explore their relationships, this season promises more romance.


24 February: Stream on Apple TV +


The series is produced in both French and English and stars Vincent Cassell and Eva Green. The modern thriller investigates how previous errors may affect the present.

“The Consultant”

24 February: Stream on Prime Video


In this brand-new dark comedic workplace thriller, a business consultant introduces new requirements and difficulties into the lives of his colleagues. The consultant is portrayed by Christoph Waltz. This show explores the evil connection between a boss and an employee.

Christoph Waltz in “The Consultant.”
Christoph Waltz in “The Consultant.” MICHAEL DESMOND/PRIME VIDEO

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