15 Stunning Halloween Makeup Looks

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Yes, that time of year has returned! The spooktacular makeup looks for Halloween this year are just incredible. Get ready to see some of the most amazing makeup looks for Halloween ever.

biohazard containment

With an amazing quarantine aesthetic that is both frightening and contemporary, this biohazard babe raises the standard. We haven’t seen this style too much in previous Halloween seasons, but it will definitely be popular in Spooktober.


Pennywise the Clown


Stephen King is regarded as the master of horror for good reason—his eerie characters have scared millions of people over the years. Pennywise the Clown has to be among the most unforgettable.

Modern Cruella

Thanks to Emma Stone, the iconic Cruella style has been given a contemporary twist that we like. We all grew up with her as a villain, and this Halloween, we’ll be seeing a lot of her. The nice part about this look is that you can recreate it at home since it’s quite simple to make using a stencil!


Moon Goddess


We believe this look is amazing in part because many of us have been taking the time to rediscover our inner goddess. ‘Beautiful’ Halloween makeup styles are always welcome, and this mysterious moon goddess is really stunning.

Starry Night

To say that this makeup look is incredible would be an understatement; it really is a piece of art. Starry Night was painted by Van Gogh when he was a patient in a hospital, which gives it an ethereal, dreamy, and somewhat unsettling appearance.


Zombie Marilyn Monroe


As seen by this gorgeous and ingenious take on Marilyn Monroe, zombies don’t always have to be eerie and repulsive. Never before have the undead looked so stunningly beautiful while yet being incredibly tormented.

Wednesday Adams

The makeup style of Wednesday Addams, the quintessential anti-heroine, is going to be fashionable this year and quite doable. There aren’t many spookier teens than this little, macabre-obsessed ghoul.


Love-a-Lot Care Bear


We’re constantly looking for gorgeous Halloween makeup looks and the best Care Bear to select—Love-a-Lot, perhaps? We can’t get enough; it’s charming and nostalgic all at once.


The Joker is a classic Halloween costume that has historically been worn by men. We’re glad to see more women rocking this look this year. They’re killing it, too! Another really ridiculous appearance for a clown.


Poisoned Snow White

A witty commentary on Snow White if she had eaten the poisoned fruit. This is just one more amazing example of how the eerie and undead can yet be very beautiful. The poisoned apple is the ideal addition to the scene.

Black Swan

Swan, Black Odile is the ideal pick for anybody looking for a simple but stunning Halloween costume since she is often thought of as Princess Odette’s (the White Swan) “evil twin.”


Wicked Witch

Without witches, what would Halloween be like? An iconic style, executed year after year. This glitzy interpretation of the Wicked Witch of the West is really adorable. It raises the question: if she looked this nice, would she really be so evil?


Let’s play a game, please. This particular glance is enough to frighten even the most ardent Saw aficionados. Though we like the feminine touch, this horrific style definitely brings back some pretty painful memories.


Halloween Bats

If you’re not into dressing like a certain character, how about applying some bat freckles to your face to give it a creepy look? Actually, this style is so lovely and feminine!

Zodiac Sign

Being the sign of your own zodiac is a creative and enjoyable notion that works well for both solo and group costumes. Visit @makemeup.sb to be inspired by signs such as Leo, Capricorn, Pisces, and more!

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