These 20 Black Nail Designs Are Absolutely Gorgeous

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Black fingernails used to be thought of being a grunge aesthetic. We can now see how elegant and gorgeous they can be. The final effect is always striking whether the chosen polish is mixed with in-vogue patterns like swirls and French manicures, or when it’s altered with surprising finishes. We compiled a list of around two dozen popular black nail art ideas on social media to demonstrate our point. You’ll quickly discover that black polish is one shade that should never be avoided, regardless of your preferred manicure style.

Black Matte Leopard Nails

Popular manicure designs include animal prints, which look even more seductive when combined with colorblocking and a matte black finish. The best part is that DIY nail art of this kind is not too difficult. Dot your nails first (you don’t have to be really precise), and then use a fine-lining nail art brush to outline the partial borders of the dots. Apply a matte topcoat, and you’re done!


Silver and Black Minimalist Nails


Consider a glossy micro-French manicure with flowery accent nails if you’re more into simple nail art. Here’s another simple do-it-yourself nail style. Painters may achieve a flawless French tip with the aid of Orly Half Moon Guides ($7), and dotting tools that make painting flowers a breeze.

Lightning Bolt Gold Nails

Use a black and gold colour scheme for a rocker chic mani. To replicate this nail art, you may want to seek the assistance of a professional nail artist if you lack stable hands.


Grid nails in black and white pastel gradient colour


Choosing a black foundation is a good option if you want to continue the trend of grid nails, which gained popularity earlier this year. Then, for a playful pop that is reminiscent of the ’90s, you might add a gradient stripe here and there if you also like colour.

Crystal Nails in Matte Black

Elevate your nail art game because while the plain black nails in this set are simple to duplicate, the magical embellishments will need a great deal of talent.


Mix-n-Match Black Nails


How much fun are these mix-and-match black-and-white nails? They’re fashionable in more ways than one with to the French tips, aura accents, and glittering rhinestones.

Smiley Black Matte Nails

These glossy black nails have a chalkboard-like appearance. We’re sure the cheerful, smiling faces will make your day.


Black Dual-Finish French Tips


Two-tone appearance Any colour may be used to create a gorgeous French manicure. Here, you can see how adding more colour to your nails enhances rather than detracts from their appearance.

Glitter Swirl Black Nails

This year, swirl nails are still a popular request. If you decide to go with black swirls, think about adding some glitter to make it seem more glamorous.


Nails with a Black Opal Heart Design

Black bases aren’t usually necessary for black nail art. Sometimes the best look is a sheer, shimmering foundation combined with black nail art. An example of that? These lovely nails with hearts on them.

Black Heart Translucent Nails

Speaking of hearts and sheer nails, this jelly manicure is the ideal gothic Valentine’s Day look—cute, melancholy, and romantic all at once. Dayanna I. Sapiens, a nail artist, did the manicure with NSFW Jelly and Memento Mori ($13) Cirque Colours Nail Polish.


Star Nails in Black

Glossy black stars are another alternative if hearts aren’t your thing. We really like that they are sprinkled with dazzling diamonds.

Star Nails and a Black Moon

With their black foundation and white astrological nail art, these long, almond-shaped nails are even more enchanted. Brittney Boyce, a nail artist, made these for Megan Fox.


White and Matte Black Scratch Nails

Are you looking for a simple DIY manicure? It’s worth trying out this matte black and white scratch nail design. For the black nails, just use solid coats, and for the neutral nails, add colour swatches as desired.

Glitch Checker Nails in Black

These checkerboard nails in black and white are really surreal. We have to refocus just looking at them, so we imagine that in order to really implement these suggestions, you would want to schedule a nail appointment.


White and Black Aura Nails

One of the year’s most well-liked manicure fads is still aura nails. You may witness the appearance of black and white aura nails here. Dig it? You may get the same effect by sponging a white centre onto a black ground.

Grid Nails in Black

A firm foundation is not necessary for grid nails. The black lines may almost resemble fishnets when they have a clean background. Rhinestones just serve to enhance the erotic appeal.


Jelly Nails in Black

A manicure that resembles a present has a black jelly foundation and solid black crisscross stripes on top. To create the look at home, you’ll need a steady hand and a fine-lining nail art brush. For each stripe, tiny nail tape may also be used as a guide.

Gold and Glossy Black Nails

These very glossy nails in gold and black are really eye-catching. The secret to pulling off a look this amazing is using a high-shine top coat, like as OPI’s Infinite Shine 3 ProStay Gloss ($14).


Grunge Black Ombre Nails

This black grunge ombre manicure is a great example of the effortless beauty we like in nail art. To replicate it, all you’ll need is a glossy top coat, sheer neutral base, black polish, and a sponge. For a picture-perfect finish, you may also want to use a touch-up brush to tidy up the edges of your nails.

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