There are 22 fashion trends that were crazy once but are now totally cool and in style.

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1. “Bright hair. When I was growing up in the late 1990s and early 2000s, it was very uncommon to see, and when it was seen, it was usually on very alternative people. It’s now on everyone and everywhere.


In the late 1990s and early 2000s, people looked at and talked about my pink hair in strange ways. It’s now everywhere, and I’m glad it’s become more popular.



Arturo Holmes / WireImage

2. “Buying used clothing from thrift or consignment stores.”


Maskot / Getty Images/Maskot

Shopping for used clothing at thrift or consignment stores is a sustainable and budget-friendly choice. It’s a treasure hunt where each piece has its own unique story and style. Beyond the thrill of finding hidden gems, opting for second-hand fashion reduces the environmental impact of the fashion industry by giving existing garments a longer life. It’s a win-win, allowing you to express your individuality while also contributing to a more eco-conscious and economically sensible approach to fashion.

3. “Everything has a logo. For a brief period during the Hollister/Aéropostale era, it was popular, but thankfully, it faded. It’s back now with Gucci, Supreme, and other brands.”


Rb / GC Images

The era of conspicuous logos comes and goes, like a fashion pendulum swinging back and forth. There was a time when Hollister and Aéropostale logos were practically a fashion statement, but thankfully, the trend eventually faded. Now, we find ourselves in a resurgence of logo mania with brands like Gucci and Supreme leading the way. It’s interesting how fashion cycles reintroduce trends, giving a nostalgic nod to the past while adding a contemporary twist. Whether you’re rocking a discreet logo or going all out with bold branding, it seems like self-expression through fashion remains a timeless trend.

4. “Annular-stopping pants! When I was younger, you were doing it wrong if your jeans didn’t drag on the ground and catch under the heel of your Converse or Vans.

Jfizzy / GC Images

We love women’s clothing sizes, so this was especially difficult for me as a tall girl because my jeans were always a few inches too small. To cut a long tale short, I was continuously made fun of for wearing something that is currently ‘trendy.’ I was obviously ahead of my time \sigh.”
“Those jeans are so high-water. You have no idea how terrible and uncool I felt to be seen wearing jeans that were a tad bit short. The worst thing was having your socks or, gasp, the tops of your shoes exposed! Right now? Absolutely fine. Calm as well. Every time I see that, I die.”



5. “Profound eyebrows. I once got beat up for that. They are extremely famous now.”

Emma Mcintyre / Getty Images

Who would’ve thought that bold eyebrows, once a cause for a scuffle, would become a symbol of beauty and empowerment? It’s a testament to the ever-changing standards of fashion and self-expression. The journey from facing a beatdown to witnessing the rise of those facial arches as a trendsetter must have its own set of stories. It’s a reminder that what might be unconventional or misunderstood today could very well be celebrated tomorrow. Here’s to the power of profound eyebrows and the resilience that comes with embracing your unique style, even when it’s ahead of its time.


6. “Big, heavy tennis shoes! Growing up, I detested them since they were seen as tacky mother shoes. Converse, Vans, and bowling shoes were the trendy footwear of the day (lol). I was astonished the first time I saw a young, fashionable person wearing big, white tennis shoes. However, I think they’re really adorable today.”

Gotham / GC Images

Ah, the evolution of footwear fashion! It’s funny how perceptions change over time. The once-dreaded big, heavy tennis shoes, often associated with “tacky mother shoes,” have made a stylish comeback. Back in the day, Converse, Vans, and bowling shoes took the spotlight, leaving the chunky sneakers in the shadows. It’s a delightful surprise to see how fashion trends can do a 180, turning what was once considered unfashionable into something adorable and trendy. It just goes to show that in the world of fashion, even the “ugly” ducklings can transform into swans with a bit of time and perspective.

7. “Cow print. Ever since Cassie rocked it on Euphoria, I’ve been seeing it everywhere.”


The power of TV influencing fashion! Cassie’s cow print moment on Euphoria seems to have sparked a widespread trend frenzy. It’s amazing how a bold and distinctive pattern can go from being an outlier to a mainstream style statement. Cow print has now found its way into the closets and wardrobes of many, bringing a touch of edgy nostalgia to fashion choices. It just goes to show the ripple effect that pop culture can have on our sartorial preferences, turning a once niche or unconventional pattern into a must-have in the fashion landscape.


8. “Crocs, for sure. When you wore Crocs to school, you used to be teased. They were regarded as unsightly shoes to “wear around the house but not in public.” “What the heck?” was my reaction when I noticed some of my kids wearing them out of the blue. They now possess all of those tiny charms. Although I believe they are cute on the kids, I just can’t bring myself to buy a pair.”

Albert L. Ortega / Getty Images

Ah, the surprising comeback of Crocs! It’s like witnessing a fashion time warp. Once the subject of teasing and relegated to the status of “around-the-house” shoes, Crocs are now making a bold statement in everyday fashion. The tiny charms add a touch of personal flair, transforming these once-maligned shoes into a quirky and cute accessory. It’s fascinating how trends can circle back, making what was once deemed unfashionable now a style must-have. Even with the kids pulling off the Crocs charm, it seems the nostalgia hasn’t quite convinced you to take the plunge into the world of rubbery, hole-filled footwear. Maybe one day the allure will be irresistible!

9. “Champion athletic apparel. It used to be a cheap K-Mart/Walmart brand that people in low-income situations had to purchase. Suddenly, a hoodie with the HUGE logo costs $65 or $50 for some warm-up trousers.”

Smxrf / GC Images

The transformation of Champion is a true rags-to-riches story in the fashion world. Once a go-to for budget-conscious shoppers at K-Mart or Walmart, it’s now commanding premium prices with its oversized logos. It’s fascinating how a brand’s perception can shift from affordable to high-end, turning what was once considered a necessity for those on a budget into a trendy and sought-after fashion statement. The irony of a brand’s glow-up, transitioning from humble origins to a symbol of fashion luxury, is a testament to the unpredictable nature of style evolution. Who would’ve thought that those once thrifty Champion finds would become the pricier gems of today’s fashion landscape?


10. “In the 1990s and 2000s, Christmas sweaters were the cutest thing around. Except for me, everyone wears them with pride (or maybe irony, I’m not sure). I just won’t let it, inner teen who rolls their eyes!”

Peacock / Matt Groesch/Peacock via Getty Images

Ah, the enduring charm (or eye-rolling resistance) of Christmas sweaters! The 90s and 2000s saw these festive knits at the height of cuteness, but it seems your inner teen is holding strong against the trend. While everyone else may be donning them with pride or a hint of irony, there’s something rebelliously charming about resisting the holiday sweater wave. Maybe one day the festive allure will catch up with you, or perhaps the eye-rolling teenager within will forever stand guard against the yuletide fashion invasion!

11. “Denim bootcuts. At school, I was teased for them, but they’re popular now.”

Mega / GC Images

The classic tale of teased trends making a triumphant comeback! Denim bootcuts, once the subject of schoolyard taunts, are now strutting back into the fashion scene with a vengeance. It’s a testament to the cyclical nature of style—what was once deemed uncool can become a fashion-forward choice in the blink of an eye. Your schoolyard fashion foresight is now getting its due recognition as those bootcuts make a stylish return. It just goes to show that sometimes being ahead of the trend curve comes with a bit of teasing, but in the end, you were the true trendsetter!


12. “My mother made me wear an expensive peacoat that hung down over my knees when I was a tiny child. It HURT me. They are now widely available, and I adore mine.”

Christian Vierig / Getty Images

Ah, the childhood struggle against the tyranny of the knee-length peacoat! It seems your mother was onto something with her fashion foresight. While it may have been a source of discomfort back then, it’s amusing how those once-mandatory fashion choices have become beloved staples in your wardrobe today. The knee-length peacoat, once a symbol of parental fashion dictates, is now a cherished and stylish piece in your collection. It’s a reminder that sometimes mom does know best, even if it takes a little time and perspective to fully appreciate it.

13. “Sewing your own clothes.”

Paramount Pictures

Sewing your own clothes is like weaving a little bit of your personality into every stitch. It’s a craft that allows you to tailor not just the fabric but also the style to your unique taste. While it may seem like a lost art in the age of fast fashion, there’s a special satisfaction in creating garments that are truly one-of-a-kind. Plus, it’s a subtle rebellion against the mass-produced trends, a way of saying, “I’ll design my own style, thank you very much!” Whether it’s a hobby or a passion, sewing your own clothes is a timeless expression of creativity and individuality.


14. “Eggplants. They were hip during the grunge movement in the 1990s. However, back in the mid-2000s, when I was a high school student, people would ask, “Are you a lumberjack?”

NBC/Courtesy Everett Collection

Eggplants as a fashion statement—now that’s a unique twist! It’s interesting how trends can transform seemingly ordinary items into quirky symbols of coolness. During the grunge movement in the 90s, eggplants might have been the epitome of hip, but the mid-2000s brought about some lumberjack comparisons. It just goes to show that the perception of fashion can vary wildly with the times. From grunge-chic to lumberjack inquiries, those eggplants must have seen quite the journey on the style spectrum!

15. “Mom jeans are loose-fitting, high-waisted, acid- or light-washed, and thick at the bottom. It was the subject of an entire Saturday Night Live sketch. When I was in high school in the early 2000s, everyone was wearing flares and bootcuts. Then, skinny jeans came up. When I first started seeing the mom jean trend—as well as pretty much all of the current great cuts—I couldn’t believe it. But I wholeheartedly agree with it. At this point, I don’t think I can go back to wearing narrow pants.”


Mom jeans: the once-mocked, now-beloved staple of comfort and style. The transition from flares to skinny jeans was a seismic shift, but the resurgence of mom jeans brought a whole new level of fashion freedom. It’s fascinating how trends can challenge our initial perceptions, turning what seemed unthinkable into a wardrobe essential. The comfort and relaxed vibe of mom jeans has a way of winning hearts, making it hard to imagine going back to the constraints of narrow pants. It’s a sartorial evolution that proves the beauty of embracing the unexpected in the ever-changing world of fashion.


16. “Brand-new Nike sneakers. These days they’re trendy and “vintage,” but I used to be teased for wearing them.”

Marc Piasecki / WireImage

The journey of Nike sneakers from teasing material to trendy and “vintage” is quite the style transformation. It’s a reminder of how fashion perceptions can shift over time, turning what was once a source of ridicule into a coveted and stylish choice. The very sneakers that might have sparked teasing are now striding confidently into the spotlight of trendiness. It just goes to show that in the world of fashion, even the most unexpected items can make a comeback and take center stage. Those brand-new Nikes have certainly earned their place in the ever-evolving narrative of style!

17. “Apparently freckles. Due to my Irish skin, I have a lot of freckles, which used to make me bullied in school. A few years ago, these same people started making fun of me for having fake freckles.”

“I used to get called ‘spotty’ and ‘gross,’ but now I get compliments!”

Theo Wargo / WireImage

The irony of fashion and beauty standards! Your natural freckles, once a target for teasing, are now the envy of those who once made fun of them. It’s a classic case of perceptions shifting over time. From being bullied for something inherent to facing mockery for something deemed trendy, it’s a testament to the ever-changing nature of beauty ideals. Embracing your natural features, including those lovely freckles, is a powerful statement. Who would’ve thought that the very characteristic that made you stand out would become a sought-after beauty trend? It’s a reminder that authenticity has a way of shining through, no matter the current fashion fads.

18. “Pants made of leggings. I adore it today, but I used to detest it.”

“Pants made of leggings. I adore it today, but I used to detest it.”

19. “Center sections! Having a middle section was uncool when I was in middle school.”

“Remember the ridiculous ‘zigzag’ part that was practically mandatory instead? ????”

Angela Weiss / AFP via Getty Images

Ah, the changing fortunes of the center section! What was once deemed uncool in middle school has now become a stylish statement. It’s funny how beauty standards and trends can evolve, turning what was once frowned upon into a celebrated feature. The middle section, once the subject of adolescent disapproval, is now reclaiming its place in the spotlight. It’s a reminder that confidence and embracing one’s natural features can redefine what is considered cool and chic. Who would’ve thought that the center part would have its moment to shine in the ever-revolving world of fashion and beauty?

20. “Bandanas on your head, chokers, the tiny rubber bracelets that seemed to reflect your s*xual history. Once considered accessories for the ‘edgy students,’ today days everyone at the high school where I work wears a combination of these.”

Claudio Lavenia / Getty Images

The evolution of accessories from ‘edgy’ to mainstream! Bandanas, chokers, and those tiny rubber bracelets, once the signatures of the ‘edgy students,’ have now become the norm at the high school where you work. It’s fascinating how fashion trends can transcend their original connotations, turning what was once considered niche into a widely adopted style. The blending of these accessories showcases how individuality and self-expression have become integral parts of the fashion landscape. It must be interesting to witness the subtle shifts in fashion culture within the school, where what was once edgy is now embraced by the majority.


21. “I was raised in the 1990s and 2000s. Ballet flats, circular wire-rimmed spectacles, and high-waisted trousers were all indicators that you were living in the 1980s.”

22. Finally, there is 22. “Wearing oversized clothes.”


Note: To improve length and/or clarity, some entries have been altered.

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