30+ Funny Memes To Help You Get Through the Ban

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Things may seem hopeless during this public health emergency, but it’s time to find some humour on the internet. There are many ways to find humour in uncertain times, from social alienation to toilet paper shortages. Memers are taking advantage of the circumstances to produce amusing stuff that people may enjoy. Thus, to assist you get through quarantine, take a deep breath and let’s laugh together while we enjoy these hilarious memes.

Where Did Every Traveller Go?

The wisest course of action during a global health emergency is to avoid travel and tourist attractions, but it appears that the pigeons missed the memo.


    They are at least abiding by the directive to avoid standing too near to one another. That is, until someone tosses in a piece of bread, at which point they will all cluster together once more.

    “Happy Little Accidents”

    Rather than withdrawing from society, people have chosen to adhere to Bob Ross’s guidelines and disperse themselves like paint on the canvas.


    To paraphrase Bob Ross, “We don’t make mistakes, we just have happy little accidents.”

    “Please Cover Your Mouth”

    “How dare you cough on this flight that the government warned me not to take?” People turn away and give someone a strange look if they cough because of the virus that is sweeping the global.


    In an instance such as this, one could imagine that people would presume someone choking had the virus! Though not all coughs are harmful, always cover your mouth when coughing.

    The Lifetime Offer

    Better than finding a fantastic cruise deal? get a free second week due to an illness that is circulating on land.


    After you return home, you are granted two weeks free stay in quarantine, which is your own private club that is only open to you.

    Fifth, Bushfires Whom?

    “You thought that was all I had planned for this year?” the universe asked when the Australian bush fires got put out.


    The next thing we knew, the coronavirus was sweeping throughout the globe, and the fires appeared to have occurred years earlier.

    It’s Adventure Time

    Normally, when someone is sick, they stay in bed and relax a lot, but since this sickness is spreading throughout the globe, it must be different.


    The desire to travel must be one of the symptoms. That ought to be included in the official list of symptoms.

    Girls with Hygiene

    The Spice Girls have dropped a brand-new song titled “Wannabe Hygenic.” The Hygiene Girls became their new moniker as well.


    Sanitizer Spice, Social Distancing Spice, Work From Home Spice, No Contact Spice, and Self-Quarantine Spice have now joined the group.

    “I Can Show You The World” It appears that the desire to travel was included in the list of symptoms. Can everyone just listen to health officials and not try to go on a world tour?


    It seems like folks are bored and sick at home, so they check the internet to see how cheap flights are, and they end up booking eight separate trips.


    Is A Wet Suit Necessary? When a Hazard Suit Is Issued

    The newest fad in bathing suits this summer is the hazmat suit and facemask combo. It shields you from harmful infections and the sun.

    You can surf, go to the beach, and use the pool with these. They are practical and adaptable. Although there isn’t much colour choice, you won’t be let down. Before they’re all gone, grab yours!


    Is It Time for a Trip?

    “We travel the entire globe; we travel the entire globe. We travel the entire world; nobody knows where we halt.”

    Coronavirus travels wherever you go in search of you, much like a committed boyfriend or stalker.


    They Hear Travel, You Hear Virus

    When you tell someone anything in a conversation, have you ever had the experience of them hearing the exact opposite? That appears to be the current state of affairs in the world

    While everyone is being advised to keep social distance and stay at home, they are also being instructed to “travel the world and gather in large crowds.”
    What Is The Report?


    Just now, Picard

    There appears to be a fresh update on the pandemic’s status every day. It’s like to looking through a Star Trek damage report.

    With the Australian bush fires and now this viral epidemic, you never know what horrible thing is going to happen next.


    The Travel Bug Bit Her.

    When your cough becomes a chuckle and your laugh becomes a desire to plan a trip to Europe.

    The need to travel must be one of the hardest symptoms to resist, no matter what you do.


    Would You Please Hands Wash?

    If you follow the World Health Organization’s advice to protect yourself by washing and sanitising your hands, all you can think about are cheap, paper surgical masks.

    Despite the excellent instructions being given to everyone, their minds are only interested in using the masks they already purchased.


    “Let’s Go Around The World”

    Boundaries? Which boundaries are the ones you mention? Those things are unknown to us. Our trip is the only thing on our minds.”

    When this is all over, we will have to teach viruses and love about boundaries.


    We Have Remote Work Options

    When you are confined to working from home and are able to complete all of your work while lounging in your pyjamas on your bed.

    It’s both relaxing and hectic at the same time, like having nothing to do and needing to accomplish everything at once.


    It’s Very Perplexing!

    As a result, there is internal tension among people because the coronavirus is present in America yet the corona beer is imported from Mexico.

    You can enjoy a few beers during your self-quarantine; Corona beer has no connection to the virus, so don’t worry.


    “That Glitter Can’t Hurt Me”

    Your middle school trusty sweet pea hand sanitizer was largely glitter and did not, as advertised, destroy 99.9% of germs.

    It will undoubtedly not be destroying the virus germs that are being dispersed if it failed to destroy the germs in the classroom.


    Make It Fashion, But Hazmat

    Wear your hazmat suit with heeled booties for a trendy accent when you still want to be safe but yet want to look good at the airport.

    To make the hazmat suit even more eye-catching, finish the look with a large pocketbook and a floppy hat.


    Pass the moisturiser, please.

    Your hands feel like sandpaper when you wash them after touching anything because you’re trying to be cautious.

    After 50 hand washings, was moisturiser mentioned by the World Health Organisation?


    “Honey…Have You Seen My Hazmat Suit?”

    “Cease your travels and spend as much time at home as possible,” said the authorities. “We can’t understand what you said, but we are going on a world tour, no big deal,” stated a person infected with a virus.

    Was there a government prank where someone altered “stay at home” to “travel the world” by fiddling with autocorrect?


    But First, Sanitizer for Hands

    When someone tries to shake hands with you while you’re following the no-touch policy and you’re not sure if they’ve adequately cleaned their hands.

    You give them some hand sanitizer instead of shaking their hand since you never know what kind of germs they might be carrying.


    What Is Their Destination?

    “All I want to do is lie in bed. I don’t feel like doing anything today, so please leave a note at the tone instead of picking up the phone.” Perhaps the song by Bruno Mars was forgotten.

    They must be heading on a cruise—which, from what we’ve heard, are currently offering fantastic deals—if they turn the globe and land in the ocean!


    When Tickets Only Cost $40 or Less

    When you and your group decide to take a lengthy trip since airfares have drastically decreased, but one of your buddies passes away in the process.

    How did the Green Goblin end up? He must be the one taking the photo with the Coliseum in the background.


    “It’s Probably Just A Cold” is the phrase you use when you start experiencing symptoms but decide to ignore them since the trip offers are too good to refuse.

    There’s clearly a problem, so let’s trust our gut and stay inside.

    It Looks Like a Better Option To Fly

    “This bed is comfortable, supportive, and will help you keep yourself and others safe from spreading a virus.” “Nah, this plane seems much better for my current needs.”


    Travelling has to seem like a better alternative, even when individuals are aware that sleeping in is a good thing. Even if the bed has every feature you could possibly want, you still prefer the plane.

    “I’ll Draw 25 Cards” – Which would you prefer: losing a game of Uno or going there against clear instructions?

    It appears that every participant will draw twenty-five cards and hope that their opponents draw worse cards than they do.


    “My Doctor Is In Another Country”

    When you are ill and the health authorities advise you to visit your doctor instead of travelling, but you insist that you must go because your doctor is abroad.

    Although we doubt anyone will accept that justification, it’s a clever attempt to circumvent the law.


    Business Closed

    When this pandemic shuts down every nation, Earth will have to start limiting its business hours. Hopefully, Yelp and Google will update these hours.

    We will have to turn away alien invaders since their arrival did not coincide with the revised business hours.


    “Doctor, I Couldn’t Resist The Low Prices”

    When individuals travel in defiance of professional advice to the contrary and wind up in the hospital, the physician queries, “Was it worth it?”

    They say, “Yeah.” I got a fantastic price on accommodation and flights, so it was all worthwhile.”


    They Could Go Anywhere, He Said

    “Glistening, sparkling, magnificent, Tell me, princess, when the quarantine was implemented for everyone.”

    When you’re travelling the world by air and you begin to wonder why the attractions are so deserted and where all the other tourists have gone.


    Dwight? How Did You Act?

    When you realise that in the past, you used to lament overcrowded spaces and an excessive number of social obligations.

    When 2020 finally arrives, you begin to believe that someone has been paying attention to your grievances the entire time.


    “What Does It Mean To Rest?”

    “I will travel across the land, searching far and wide, teach people to understand the power of staying inside.”

    Does the fever behave differently from a typical fever and cough in conjunction with other symptoms? They tend to ease the physical and mental strain of travel.


    Start Up The Tokyo Drift Mix

    Nowadays, the norm is to sit indoors and watch Netflix, which is what most people want to do, but all of a sudden, everyone wants to go outside and active.

    It’s similar to when a young child is told not to do something and then becomes even more determined to do it since it’s forbidden.


    The Future Is Bright For Google Hangouts

    When you have to work from home with all of your coworkers, but you still miss them and need to hold meetings, so you all hop on video chat.

    Everyone is in their pyjamas because they haven’t left the house in days, even though you are holding a video meeting.


    Fasten your seatbelt, but don’t let up.

    No one is going to let this epidemic slow them down, so fasten your seatbelts; this is going to be one crazy ride.

    What more was stated on the sign? “Speed up because now is the time for the cross country trip you have been thinking about for years.”


    Come on, let’s get dirty!

    When you can try out every kind of public transport, why stay at home? There are numerous alternatives to staying indoors, such as travelling by rail, aircraft, or cruise ship.

    There are a tonne of bars and restaurants to check out, so why not take advantage of this health issue to do so?


    2020 World Tour

    In the words of a song by TLC, “It goes all around the world; it’s all around the world.” People are using this opportunity to spread like wildfire.

    The magnificent world tour commenced in December and will be touring various locations over the globe in the upcoming months. Buy your tickets right away.


    A plane ticket is given to you and to you again.

    Are airlines selling plane tickets like Oprah because everyone is taking unapproved vacations?

    When people are asked what they did during the epidemic in the future, some would say they travelled the world, while others will say they practised social separation.


    Minesweeper:40. Global Map Edition

    Easily the hardest game ever made, Minesweeper has now been brought to life on a global scale.

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