52 Timeless Celebrity Halloween Costumes That Will Remain Famous

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The styles, themes, and levels of detail seen in the greatest celebrity Halloween costumes ever created are diverse. Some of the best are new interpretations of beloved characters, such as Kim Kardashian’s 2011 Poison Ivy costume. Some are merely amazing displays of glamour, like Gigi Hadid’s 2019 The Mask costume. (After looking through the greatest Halloween makeup ideas available, you can do something similar.)

A few famous people have looked amazing in Halloween costumes based on vintage films, such as Halsey’s Corpse Bride ensemble from 2020. Others just opted for looking good. (Please view Kylie Jenner as Christina Aguilera during the “Dirrty” phase in 2016. What an occasion!


Regarding 2023, actors are already putting on their best show despite SAG-AFTRA’s request that members refrain from wearing costumes that are influenced by the current Hollywood strike. Many of them are dressed as pop stars or cartoon characters, two categories that are acceptable. Take a peek at Hailey Bieber and Justin Bieber, who dressed as Pebbles and Bamm-Bamm from The Flinstones.

View our selection of the greatest celebrity Halloween costumes ever made if you’re in need of inspiration. Naturally, when more amazing ensembles are submitted, we’ll be updating this site.


Marilyn Monroe, played by Kendall Jenner (2023)

In a bold reinterpretation, Kendall Jenner channels the timeless allure of Marilyn Monroe in the 2023 portrayal. Jenner encapsulates Monroe’s iconic essence, merging contemporary charisma with the legendary beauty of the past.


The Scary Movie (2023) stars Hailey Bieber as Carmen Electria.

Hailey Bieber’s cameo as Carmen Electra in Scary Movie’s opening sequence brings a playful twist to the iconic scene with sprinklers. Bieber injects humor into the parody, delivering a memorable performance.


As Pebbles and Bamm-Bamm, Hailey Bieber and Justin Bieber (2023)

Hailey and Justin Bieber showcase their playful side by opting for a couples outfit with a Flintstones theme. Their choice radiates fun and togetherness, demonstrating a delightful blend of style and shared humor.


Death Note Characters Machine Gun Kelly and Megan Fox (2023)

In a Halloween encore, MGK and Megan Fox embrace the animated world with an anime couple costume for 2023. The duo effortlessly combines their edgy style with playful fantasy, captivating fans.


Demi Lovato in the 2023 film Snow White

On October 28, 2023, Demi Lovato attended Vas Morgan and Michael Braun’s Halloween party, bringing their signature style to the event. Lovato’s presence added a touch of glamour to the festive celebration.


A Mermaid, Halsey (2023)

Halsey embraced the trend with enchanting flair, donning a dreamy sea creature outfit. Their imaginative ensemble not only showcased creativity but also contributed to setting a whimsical and fashionable tone.


Mark Consuelos and Kelly Ripa in “Día de los Muertos Looks” (2023)

On October 27, 2023, Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos graced Bette Midler’s Annual Hulaween Bash at Cipriani South Street in New York City. The couple radiated glamour, contributing to the star-studded affair.


Britney Spears as Paris Hilton (2023)

At the Casamigos celebration, Paris Hilton brought the party to life with a “Toxic” performance. Channeling Britney Spears, Hilton’s energy and showmanship added a memorable spark to the event.


Turner-Smith, Jodie

Turner-Smith exudes nostalgic vibes, resembling the iconic “Baby One More Time” era. Though her outfit hints at a typical schoolgirl, her aura blends the classic with contemporary allure, creating a captivating ensemble.

Fuck, Marry, Kill (2023) starring Chelsea Lazkani, Emma Hernan, and Chrishell Stause

In candid simplicity, the truth prevails—they did eat. This straightforward statement encapsulates a fundamental human experience, transcending the ordinary act of nourishment into a moment of honesty and relatability.


Gogo Yubari and Bride from Kill Bill, played by Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly (2023)

Megan Fox and MGK boldly embraced Kill Bill vibes in outfits that seemingly pushed the boundaries of SAG membership regulations. Their fearless style exuded a rebellious spirit, making a statement at every turn.

Disco Cowgirl Barbie, played by Kelsea Ballerini (2023)

The bright pink costume, inspired by Margot Robbie’s Barbie movie, was flawlessly executed by the country singer. She captioned her Instagram photo of The Original Donut Shop’s Halloween Party in NYC, which she hosted on October 25, “HABY (early) HALLOWEEN .”


In 2022, Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel

Channeling “the wet bandits” from Home Alone, Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel playfully shared a photo online, igniting speculation about Kevin McCallister being one of their fictional children who ventured astray.

Julia Fox (2022)

The wild creatures are where? At least one “wild thing” was present at the Moxy Hotel in New York City on Halloween night. While her kid dressed as Max from Where the Wild Things Are, Fox dressed as a monster.


Halle Bailey (2022)

Halle Bailey seamlessly embodied the character Neytiri, delivering a compelling performance that resonated with authenticity. Her portrayal showcased a depth of talent, contributing to the overall success of the production.

Kelly Rowland (2022)

The Catwoman of the Year remarkably resembles Kelly Rowland, adding an extra layer of allure to the iconic character. The uncanny resemblance brings a unique and captivating dimension to the portrayal.


G Flip and Chrishell Stause (2022)

Chrishell Stause and G Flip emanated eerie vibes at the LA Casamigos party. Their presence infused a mysterious aura, creating a captivating atmosphere that resonated with the Halloween spirit.

Paris Hilton (2022)

At the Los Angeles Casamigos party, Paris Hilton paid homage to a 2000s phenomenon by channeling Sailor Moon. Hilton’s playful homage added a touch of nostalgia and whimsy to the event.


Machine Gun Kelly and Megan Fox (2022)

Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly perfectly embodied Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee in a real-life recreation. The iconic duo’s outfits captured the essence of the glamorous couple, creating a show-stopping moment.

Machine Gun Kelly and Megan Fox (2022)

On October 31, MGK and Megan Fox embraced dual costumes, transforming into whimsical elves. Their commitment to festive fun showcased a playful spirit that went beyond the ordinary Halloween extravagance.


Kim Kardashian (2022)

True to her transformative style, Kim Kardashian concealed herself behind layers of blue paint and a bodysuit, fully embodying Mystique. The Skims founder’s commitment to the character added a bold touch to Halloween.

Jessica Alba (2022)

Jessica Alba donned a chilling ensemble, dressing as one of the twins from The Shining. Borrowing her 14-year-old daughter Honor’s outfit, Alba blended familial humor with Halloween spookiness in a memorable fashion.


Kendall Jenner (2022)

In a delightful twist, Jessie from Toy Story has never looked better, brought to life with impeccable attention to detail. This portrayal captures the whimsy and charm of the iconic character.

Lizzo (2022)

Lizzo’s creativity shone brightly as she transformed into Marge Simpson with yellow paint and a wig. Her whimsical homage to the animated character showcased a playful fusion of music and pop culture.


Kylie Jenner (2022)

Kylie Jenner’s Halloween brilliance emerged as she meticulously crafted two stunning costumes: the sultry Elvira and the haunting Bride of Frankenstein. Her attention to detail elevated the costumes to iconic status.

Cardi B as Morticia Addams (2021)

Cardi B embraced the challenge with style, adorning herself in a Halloween costume reminiscent of Morticia Addams. The rapper’s attention to detail included the striking addition of two hearses, amplifying the spooky allure.


Lizzo in 2021’s Baby Yoda

It’s the return of Halloween royalty! Lizzo went all Baby Yoda for her first costume of 2021 and took photographs with strangers in Hollywood who had no idea they were getting a picture with the “Rumors” singer herself! She captioned one of her several images about the outfit, “CEO OF ???? FOR HALLOWEEN.” “CRAZY LAST NIGHT GOT ???? BUT GROGU LOVE MACAROONIS.”

She also said, “About the paparazzi photos taken last night, a representative from Grogu’s publicity team has stated that Grogu, also known as Baby Yoda or The Child, has no memory of these events.” These incidents never occurred jedi hand wave.


Pinhead, played by Megan Thee Stallion (2021)

A week before the start of the formal celebrations, Megan Thee Stallion made her debut as “Hottieween” in a seductive role as Pinhead from the Hellraiser movie series. Anguish has a visage. I’ll show it to you. “Gentlemen, I am in agony ????,” she said in the Instagram caption.

Maleficent, played by Chrisell Stause (2020)

No, it isn’t Angelina Jolie in real life. 2020 saw Chrisell Stause, star of Selling Sunset, portray Maleficent in a special Dancing With the Stars Halloween program with a villain theme.


Pamela Anderson, played by Kendall Jenner in Barb Wire (2020)

On Halloween 2020, Kendall Jenner took on the role of Pamela Anderson’s character from the beloved 1996 movie Barb Wire. The reality personality and model posted pictures from an Instagram photo session in which she is seen seated on a motorbike with Barb’s blonde hair, black thigh-high boots, and a leather bodysuit. “Don’t call me, darling,” she captioned the photo. Cheers to Halloween! Vote now!

Nicki Minaj and Ciara as Megan Thee Stallion

Ciara never fails to create memorable Halloween looks. She went by Beyoncé and Jay-Z in 2019 as the Carters, together with her spouse Russell Wilson. However, Ciara stepped it up a level this year. Apart from her Cardi B-Offset outfit including her kid Future (refer to the next slide), she also donned costumes as Nicki Minaj and Megan Thee Stallion.


As Bugs, the Kardashian-West family (2019)

The whole Kardashian-West family went all out in family costumes modeled like insects. Kim shared pictures of the elaborate outfits, which are made out of several antennae and larvae. The reality star also disclosed on Instagram that, owing to animatronics, Kanye’s outfit moved while hers shone.

As Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, Neil Patrick Harris and David Burtka (2019)

In obscurity, they remain unrecognized, shrouded in mystery. Yet, the question lingers—where are their smokes? The absence of a defining element leaves an intriguing enigma in their narrative.


Cruella de Vil, played by Khloé Kardashian in 2019

Tiny True steals the spotlight as an adorable Dalmatian. The playful transformation showcases the magic of childhood imagination, turning an ordinary day into a whimsical adventure filled with spots and tail-wagging delight.

Gigi Hadid in the 2019 film The Mask

Patrick Ta, the supermodel’s makeup artist, did an amazing job recreating Jim Carrey’s well-known role. Hadid looked amazing as this is undoubtedly one of the most well-liked Halloween costumes.


Grace Jones, played by Gabrielle Union in 2019

Gabrielle Union flawlessly adopted the appearance and demeanor of a renowned singer and actress. Her transformative portrayal captured the essence and charisma of the celebrated figure with striking authenticity.

In 2019, Nicki Minaj played Harley Quinn, while Kenneth Petty played The Joker.

The rapper’s and her new husband’s 2019 couple’s outfit was inspired by comic books. Minaj said on Instagram, “HEAVY ON THE SLEEEEEEZE‼️‼️‼️‼️ #HarleyQUEEN & her love.” Joaquin Phoenix and Margot Robbie, we believe, would agree.

Nicki Minaj and Kenneth Petty

Kylie Jenner in the 2019 film The Little Mermaid as Ariel

Beneath the waves, she descended into the ocean’s embrace. A silent surrender to the aquatic realm, her figure disappearing, leaving only ripples to narrate the story of her submerged journey.

Austin Butler and Vanessa Hudgens in the 2019 film Jack and Sally Skellington

In a charming tribute to one of the most endearing pairings ever seen on Halloween, Vanessa Hudgens and Austin Butler channeled their inner Sally and Jack Skellington from The Nightmare Before Christmas.


In 2019 Cardi B was a nurse

Cardi B embraced a healing guise in 2019, transforming into a nurse. The rapper’s costume not only exhibited her penchant for bold fashion but also added a dose of glamour to healthcare chic.

Jessica Rabbit, played by Ashley Graham in 2019

Ashley Graham offers us one of the greatest interpretations of Jessica Rabbit, which is one of the most well-known Halloween costumes ever. According to People, the expectant supermodel confided in a pal that she used baby powder to fit into the latex garment she donned to play the famed “I’m not bad” Who Framed Roger Rabbit? persona. Simply said, I’m attracted that way.


Demi Lovato in the 2019 film Pennywise

For Halloween 2019, Demi Lovato dressed up as Pennywise from the film It to throw a star-studded party at Hollywood’s Hyde nightclub. The clown’s scarlet makeup, a red wig, and a white tutu and fishnet stockings completed the singer’s eerie appearance.

Demi Lovato in the 2019 film Marie Antoinette

Lovato debuted her Halloween 2019 costume in a Marie Antoinette-inspired ensemble. “First Halloween round… I have said that I don’t play on Halloween! My moment to shine is here,” she said on Instagram.


Billie Eilish, played by Nina Dobrev (2019)

At the 2019 Casamigos Halloween Party, Nina Dobrev looked exactly like the singer of “Bad Guy,” complete with neon-green roots, black boots, and the signature orange oversized sweatshirts of Billie Eilish. The 30-year-old actress even applied jet-black tears over her cheeks, mimicking Eilish’s “When the Party’s Over” music video.

In 2019 Kelly Osbourne was a clown

Pennywise, the menacing clown, trembles in the face of what, we wonder? The cryptic statement invites curiosity, leaving an air of suspense and anticipation around the infamous character’s reaction.


Gwen Stefani as Sally and Blake Shelton as a sailor in the 2018 film A Nightmare Before Christmas

In the realm of style and expression, non-matching pairs bring a unique joy. Embracing the unexpected, this playful approach adds a touch of whimsy, turning fashion into a delightful adventure.

(2018) Lily Rose Depp in a ringmaster role

Elegance meets the circus as vibrant costumes transform the ordinary into a spectacle. Dressing up transcends the conventional, inviting a whimsical fusion where glamour intertwines with the magic of the big top.


Poison Ivy struck Halsey in 2018

Amidst the cold Halloween evening, all hopes rest on the unseen coat of this iconic costume-wearer. The allure lies in the timeless embodiment of a character, making it the ultimate Halloween spectacle.

Top to bottom (we believe): a unicorn, a Furby, and Mercury, the winged messenger (2018) at Paris Hilton

Paris Hilton’s eclectic ensemble is a sartorial journey from top to bottom. Adorned as a unicorn, a Furby, and Mercury, the winged messenger, she effortlessly merges fantasy with fashion-forward flair.


Victoria Justice in 2018 as a Ouija board

With respect as the key, she holds the power to channel the spirit world. A mysterious guide, she weaves connections between realms, offering glimpses into the ethereal with profound reverence.

Ashley Greene in the 2018 film Robin Hood

Curiosity lingers about the precision of her aim. Whether it’s a skillful archer or a metaphorical quest, the desire to witness accuracy adds an intriguing layer to the narrative.


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