In 2023, Amazon’s Fastest-Growing Beauty Products

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Amazon’s footholds in prestige beauty continue to grow stronger, reporting about 100 million unique beauty shoppers a month, and holding 12 percent of the prestige beauty market share. What does it take, though, to win on the platform? “One of the most critical things that drive growth [on Amazon] is reviews, particularly in beauty,” said Sarah Hofstetter, president of Profiterole, the e-commerce insights platform. It found that the number of reviews and the number of product images included in a listing are two key factors determining what products organically come up on the first page of search results.

When a product moves from Amazon’s page two to page one, its average sales increase by 37%.


Small and independent firms like Supergoop are utilizing agile social methods to reach the top of the rankings, despite the fact that Amazon shows an average of 11 sponsored spaces on page one (Target and Walmart present seven and four, respectively).

Social listening has become so important because, according to Hofstetter, “Ten to fifteen years ago, people weren’t necessarily understanding that a brand is about what people say about you when you’re not in the room.”


The top-selling beauty items by unit sales in 2023, along with a comparison to 2022.

  • Lip gloss, +72 percent
  • Lipstick, +49 percent
  • Hairstyling aids (wax, putty, paste), +48 percent
  • Hair treatments, +48 percent
  • Fragrance, +43 percent
  • Lash serum, +40 percent
  • Liquid lip, +39 percent
  • Nail color and care, +33 percent
  • Mascara, +31 percent
  • Concealer, +30 percent

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