Beyoncé Purchased This Exquisite Fragrance at Harrods After Hours

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Beyoncé Purchased Everyone who knows me understands that Beyoncé is my life. Her song lyrics would probably be my specialty topic if I were to participate on Mastermind. (Ask my unfortunate pals who have witnessed me sing.) Upon witnessing her performance during her Renaissance World Tour dates in London, my inner beauty editor couldn’t resist asking herself, “What perfume does Beyoncé wear?”

Of course, Beyoncé is the face of Emporio Armani Diamonds and has her own line of perfume (she even hinted on Instagram that she is developing a haircare business). But I wonder what Beyoncé would immediately grab if she were to browse a beauty hall these days.

While on her current Renaissance World Tour, Beyoncé came by Harrods after hours to purchase one of her favorite perfumes.

I guess my query has been addressed. An unnamed insider claims that last week, while Beyoncé was shopping after hours at Harrods, she purchased a bottle of Kilian Paris Angels’ Share, a perfume she also wore that day. I, of course, got really into the scent, and this is all the information you need to know.


The scent that Beyoncé like most is Kilian’s Angels’ Share Beyoncé Purchased

Beyoncé Purchased

Important notes: Tonka bean, cognac, cinnamon, oak, praline, vanilla, and sandalwood
What scent does Beyoncé have, then? Warm cognac, Angels’ Share is the kind you’d expect to find in the most opulent cellars. Aged in oak barrels, it has a base of sandalwood and is topped with luscious praline, creamy vanilla, and a seductively sweet tonka bean. I can picture Beyoncé wearing this strong scent that reflects her energy—she is not the timid or reserved kind. Instead, she exudes an air of confidence and mystery. She also smells quite pricey at £185 for a 50 milliliter bottle. You’re getting your money’s worth because, happily, this scent has a significant longevity and will enter the room before you do.

The fragrance is contained in a stunning art deco bottle that mimics a glass you’d find in an upscale bar. It is a part of Kilian Paris’ The Liquors line, which is inspired by founder Kilian Hennessy’s eighth-generation inheritance of Hennessy, a leader in cognac. Furthermore, I can completely see this on her dressing table while she gets ready.
Not just Beyoncé is a star who enjoys wearing Kilian fragrances. It’s also said that Rihanna loves this brand’s perfumes. Love, Don’t Be Shy, a hypnotically sweet scent with white flowers and marshmallow, is her choice.
Desire to have Beyoncé’s scent? I discovered every iteration of Kilian’s Angels’ Share. I predict that once the BeyHive follows, this will rocket off the shelves.


Although the majority of us lack Beyoncé’s spending power, this bundle, which retails for just £25, includes five of the brand’s well-known perfumes, including Beyoncé’s Angels’ Share and Rihanna’s Love, Don’t Be Shy.


Four travel-sized vials from The Liquors collection—Angels’ Share, Roses on Ice, Apple Brandy, and Vodka on the Rocks—are included in this discovery package. For on-the-go top-ups, it comes with a stylish case to hold your fragrance.


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In order to top off your initial bottle of scent, Kilian also provides refills.

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