Bridgerton star Charithra Chandran discusses preconceptions, family, and stardom.

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An Bridgerton star Charithra actress who has acted in Bridgerton is probably not the person you would ask, “When are you going to get a proper job?”

However, Charithra Chandran claims that her grahtt parents only stopped giving it to her recently.

The 27-year-old, who portrayed Edwina Sharma in the Netflix hit, has also acted in spy thriller Alex Rider and will soon be featured in the upcoming How to Date Billy Walsh movie on Prime.


Despite having a degree in Economics, Politics, and Philosophy, Charithra continued to pursue acting.

And although it may appear that she is rising quickly, that isn’t exactly how she sees it.

I think I’m quite harsh on myself. I always fail and strive to pull myself out of a hole because I regard myself as a failure,” she declares.

“From the outside it can seem like you’re thrust into this crazy world, but for me, it hasn’t felt like that.”


Despite the constant indications, her family wasn’t always supportive of her career choice, and her success was never certain.

“My parents weren’t happy… aren’t happy, but they also brought it on themselves,” she claims.

I’ve performed ever since I was a child, whether it was in plays, sing-alongs, or tiny dances, and they always enjoyed it.

“So I’m like: what did you guys expect?”


Charithra acknowledges that, despite their lengthy process of conversion, her grandparents in India “find it really hard to understand” her choice of employment. This is likely due to their own upbringing.

“Growing up in the 50s and 60s, their mind is stuck on what it was like for an actress back then when, unfortunately, a lot of young girls were exploited,” she explains.

But Charithra aspires to alter more than just the opinions of her own family.

Bridgerton star Charithra

The way she performed at Bridgerton Bridgerton star Charithra

Her performance in Bridgerton and the show’s use of South Asian culture received positive reviews.

“To be heard and listened to so early on in my career in such a big show, I felt really grateful,” she told BBC Newsbeat.


Her next project is to portray the lead in the one-woman drama Instructions for a Teenage Armageddon, which is based on the same-titled book.

After her sister’s untimely death, Charithra’s character experiences the emotional rollercoaster of adolescence while navigating topics of mental health, eating disorders, and mourning.

Charithra claims that although touching on weighty subjects, it is “ultimately a comedy” that demonstrates overcoming obstacles.

She is aware that theatre is typically “seen as something that is very white and middle class,” so she is not surprised that spectators would see a “brown woman on stage.”


Even though Charithra is “really proud” to be providing such representation, she notes that the play’s message is applicable to everyone and that her character is shown as “just a human being who goes through life”.

“There isn’t a right way to process grief and the difficult things that happen in life,” she asserts.

We all handle difficult situations in our own unique way.


“I know that when I was a teenager, I used to have these heightened emotions and be so freaked out and think ‘God, I’m such a weirdo.

Bridgerton star Charithra

Charithra believes that audiences in the South Asian community, where talking about delicate topics can be frowned upon, will be exposed to the play’s good message.

“I know that a lot of my follower base is brown,” she continues.


“And I think this will enable those difficult conversations to be had, and parents and children to be more honest with each other.”

Charithra says she thinks things are moving forward and considers herself as continuing the work of the actors who came before her.

“And it’s only if I continue doing that work, will people succeed me and more people that look like us will be in the industry,” she continues.

Closer to home, she has also seen the change.

Her grandparents no longer inquire about her when she will start working at a proper job.

“I’m celebrating that and just grateful for how far they’ve come,” she continues.

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Charithra’s family is responsible for keeping things grounded and real, according to her. Those who follow her on social media will see a lot of stuff about them and their culture.

“The fact that South Asian society isn’t very individualistic is among its most lovely qualities. She states, “I don’t think of myself as a person apart from my family.


“My family also doesn’t think performing is important.

“And I’m so grateful for that, because I live a very normal life.”

Charithra claims that she occasionally forgets about her glamorous day job, or her “reel life,” until she spots herself on a billboard. It’s that typical.

“But my family and my friends, that’s my real life,” she continues.

The Garrick Theatre will host Instructions for a Teenage Armageddon starting on Sunday.

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