Fifty of the Most Interesting Images Uploaded To This Urban Street Photography Community

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The only way to capture a fleeting moment that will never come around again is to take pictures of it. Even if it’s something as commonplace as a bird soaring above the city plaza or a guy strolling along the pavement. One candid snap at a time, street photographers masterfully capture the beauty of individuals going about their daily lives.

A plethora of these intriguing images may be found on the Facebook group “Urban Street Photography.” More than 440,000 people have already signed up, and they are welcome to contribute their greatest work there. We would like to share some of their most intriguing images with you today. They show everything from romance to traffic, from people to birds. Look through the list and see the streets from the photographer’s perspective.


1. Hello everyone! Joyous New Year!

The photos in photo books that I have always cherished are the candid ones because of the genuine reactions, unstaged movements, and raw surroundings of the subjects. And everything is covered by these instances from “Urban Street Photography.”

“Enthusiastic beginners and seasoned photographers from all over the world who all share a common love for street photography” is how the club describes its members, who joined in 2013.


2. The Gateway of India | A Flying Pigeon


3. Goallllll!

Regarding who should be credited as the founder of street photography, perspectives vary. Henri Cartier-Bresson is the name that appears more frequently than others, though.

Born in France in 1908, he began his interest in photography in 1931 following his study of literature at Cambridge University. He co-founded “Magnum Photos,” an international photographic cooperative that is still in operation today, in 1947, after some years had passed.


“A community of thought, a shared human quality, a curiosity about what is going on in the world, a respect for what is going on and a desire to transcribe it visually” is how Henri Cartier-Bresson characterised Magnum.

4. 2022 Essaouira, Morocco


5. The fishermen are aware of the dangers in the sea and the terrible storm, but they have never felt that these risks justify staying on land. — Vincent Caravaggio

Michael Ernest Sweet, a writer and photographer from Canada, noted that timing plays a role in why Henri Cartier-Bresson is regarded as the founder of street photography. About the same time as the artist gained prominence as a photographer, the genre gained popularity.


A further essential requirement was the advent of the portable 35mm camera. The tiny camera made it easier to take images while on the road and enabled the talented photographer to reach his full potential, which in turn supported the genre and the photographer. (You may see a few of his pieces here.)

6. Two Tales


7. Self Portrait By Mobile

8. Cat And A Mouse


In addition, Michael Ernest Sweet is a proficient street photographer. He is a professional photographer based in New York and the author of two books about the genre, “The Human Fragment” and “Michael Sweet’s Coney Island.” In addition, he is a master of the 35mm, which he employed to capture images included in “Disposable Camera,” another book.


9. The Sun

10. Budapest, Liberty Bridge

11. Promenade Riverside Park, NYC

Michael Ernest Sweet stated that being a street photographer requires a specific kind of attitude in an interview with Street Photography Magazine. He made the point that in order to obtain the picture, you must be prepared to go out and take the necessary actions.

“Dancing around to make sure everyone’s happy around you” could get in the way of it, he said. He acknowledged that he has occasionally been yelled at or even struck by a woman’s purse.


12. Over the past year, every time I’ve visited the city centre, I’ve searched for someone who matches these boards to walk past.

13. Naples, Italy

14 Paris – Behind Notre Dame

Photographer Dimitri Mellos, another member of the same genre, revealed that his concern of disturbing the subjects in his images has an impact on his work. When asked to list the challenges he had when he initially began capturing photos, Dimitri said that it was feeling guilty about entering people’s private spaces.

He told fellow photographer Eric Kim, “With time, those fears were mostly assuaged, as I discovered that most people don’t even notice when they are being photographed, and, even if they do, they don’t react badly.”


15. Barcelone

16. Newcastle

17. This Is How Angels Are Born

Certain individuals not only consent to having their photos taken, but they also consent to having their tales shared. And that’s how HONY, or Humans Of New York, got its start.

In 2010, blogger and photographer Brandon Stanton launched the HONY project. At first, he wanted to photograph 10,000 people in New York and compile the images into a catalog. However, as time went on, Brandon began conducting interviews with the subjects and tying brief conversations or anecdotes to the images.


18. El Triciclo

19.  Lovers (Mantua, Italy)#19 Lovers (Mantua, Italy)

20. Hoi An, Vietnam

What began as a photoblog quickly expanded into an enormously ambitious enterprise. With the addition of stories from over twenty nations, Humans of New York has grown to include 17 million Facebook fans (and an extra 12 million Instagram followers). The project has also been the subject of two published books, “Humans of New York” and “Humans of New York: Stories.”

21. In Line

22. Snowy Night Walk

23. Night Frames

24. Saman Mamexelani

25. Pretzels

26. Opposites

27. Loneliness

28. Saint Catherine / Egypt

29. London’s Leake Street Tunnel And The Always Changing Graffiti Art

30. Take It Easy

31. U Bein Bridge, Mandalay, Myanmar

32. Brussels, Belgium

33. Ricoh Gr3x

34. Light

35. An Isolated Moment. Place: Nepal’s Bhaktapur

36. En Sevilla

37. Ghent, Belgium, 2023 The Flower

38. Kids On The Rooftop

39. The Smell By John Crawford

40. Copenhagen

41. Panning Shot In Ha Noi. Vietnam

42. Sevilla 2023

43. Every Morning

44. Tough Life In Street For Starling. Berlin 2023

45. Curve ~ Taiwan

46. Right Timing. Tampa, Fl

47. “Contrasts” One Of The Streets Warsaw

48. Daily Life Of Railway Station. Lahore Pakistan

49. Spring

50. Kolkata Flower Market

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