57 Instagrammable Christmas Nail Designs for a Trendy 2023 Celebration

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Are you looking for Instagram-worthy Christmas nails to recreate this year? These Christmas nail ideas you can’t get over but recreate this year.

It’s almost sweater weather! Hurray! Who else like the chilly weather as much as I do? I get excited about everything, even the snow falling and staying up late wrapped in thick blankets. People that are lazy get together ????


I wish I was kidding, but in between all of this, getting my nails done makes me feel like I’ve got my sh*t together.

But if you’re even somewhat as indecisive as I am, you understand how difficult it can be to choose the ideal winter nail art.


That being said, you don’t need to worry since I’ve got you covered with 50 winter and Christmas nail designs that you may utilize at any point during the season.

So let’s get started without further ado!


1. Christmas Winter Xmas Snowflake

How lovely is this design, don’t you think? It is ideal for gatherings with a Christmas theme and celebrations. To achieve the same effect for the ombre section, apply the white nail polish first and then use a sponge to add the red nail polish.

2. Classy winterish


For all the minimalistic women out there that prefer a simple manicure yet don’t like wild patterns, this is ideal. Not to add, you won’t have to worry about getting a different color manicure every time the cold weather rolls around because this naked nail design will work well with a variety of clothing.


3. Lacey snowflakes

These are really cute! Although snowflakes are a visual representation of winter, you can add some blue snowflakes to liven up your ensemble if you don’t want to wear red everything for Christmas.

4. Red Santa


I’m struck by how exquisite this design appears. And isn’t that little bear the cutest thing ever?


5. Blue Dreams

I’m struck by how exquisite this design appears. And isn’t that little bear the cutest thing ever?

6. Green stars


Try this spectacular nail design to celebrate the festivity.


7. Glamorous Maroon

I’m definitely eyeing this design, and when you kill it, everyone else will be too.

8. Soft blue


A glamorous yet effortlessly chic design that is ideal for the chilly weather.


9. Snowy Stiletto

Being a lil extra hurts no one so why not try this jaw-dropping stiletto design during the frosty weather.

10. Santa Red

Wearing this on Christmas Eve would absolutely grab everyone’s attention. Add the studs to complete your at-home Christmas manicure.


11. Gift time

Get crafty with this nail art design while opening your stocking stuffers. Apply a red polish and use your DIY skills to replicate the ribbon and snowflake.

12. Minimal French

Don’t wanna go overboard with the crazy nail art designs? No worries! Give this immaculate french manicure a shot.


13. Blue drama

This shade of blue looks so exquisite and perfectly fits the cool season looks.

14. Frozen Weather

Doesn’t this remind us of the Frozen movie? Rock it this winter season to steal the show.


15. Halloween baby

Who said Halloween is over? Hello, This one is for all my Halloween babies who miss Halloween in the winter season. You can still wear Halloween nail designs in the winter with winterish theme colors????

16. Magenta edge

Getting bored of all the grays and blues!? Then try this beauteous design which fits the winter theme a little too well.


17. Sleek red

Go for this classy red nail design this holiday season to look sleek and effortlessly hot.

18. Ombre winter

How edgy does this design look right?? Plus it screams winter!


19. Typical Christmasy

Steal the spotlight with these basic red nails with a dramatic touch.

20. Glossy shine

This design is so simple yet so glamorous. All you have to do is wear some glitter polish.


21. Blinding Green

Ready to blind everyone with this breathtakingly pretty mint shade? Look no further and try out this color this winter.

22. Elegant blizzard

Wanna give off the cool glam aunt vibes? Go ahead and paint your nails like this.


23. Posh frost

This nail design is to die for and has those main character vibes.

24. Chic Nude

This one has to be my favorite for sure! Kylie Jenner wore it I believe and they just look so ravishing.


25. Grunge red

If you don’t like all the cool soft winter colors, don’t worry and paint your nails with this gorgeous shade.

26. Icy chill

Nothing like a classy white snowflake design! Paint your nails white and add snowflakes on one of them for that seasonal reminder.


27. Winter wonderland

This design perfectly pictures winter childhood nostalgia. And you can recreate it too with just a little bit of practice.

28. Celestial stars

Put your creativity at work with this stunningly detailed design. A little practice goes a long way.


29. Secretive Black

How splendid does this nail art look right! And it has that witchy aura too.

3o. Xmas Eve

Feeling lack of designs to decide for Xmas. This one is really easy and looks good too.


31. Dazzling blue

32. Milky White

Nothing looks more pretty and dreamier than some white almond nails. Paint your nails like this and it will go with almost everything this season.

33. Black snowflakes

Don’t we all love how black basically fits every season? You can never go wrong with it and put some snowflakes on top for that winter touch.


34. Minimal Cute

It is ok if you can’t keep up with the forever changing seasonal trends. Wear this nail color to still look cute for the season.

35. Xmas candy

Craving some candy. Wear your fav red nail polish this way to steal the limelight.


36. Grayish present

Who said you can’t take inspo from your Christmas ornaments. Try these nails which are different from your basic red nails.

37. Candy cane

Grab your red and white nail polishes and create this easy design that suits the Christmas vibes effortlessly.


38. Opulent glitter

Just put some glitter over your nails and look glam. It doesn’t get any more easier.

39. Arctic blue

Freezing in the winter and dreading getting out of your blankets? This color happens to describe that exact feeling.


40. Stunning Rose Gold

Apply this stunning rose gold shade last minute on your nails to look put together at every party.

41. Glossy Green

Is it even holiday season if you don’t wear some greens? Paint your nails with this marvelous shade for the festivity.


42. Flashy mint

Wearing this would easily have all eyes set on your nails and it is guaranteed that you’ll receive a ton of compliments.

43. Basic cozy

Not celebrating Christmas or just want something other than the red and greens? Wear this nail combination to look extra adorable.


44. Textured Gray

Grey has never looked this good. They look so pretty and are easy to replicate.

45. Sparkly White

Grab a glitter gel polish and paint your nails. You’d have these gorgeous looking nails in under 10 minutes.


46. Dripping cold

How well this design embodies the freezing cold weather? The stiletto adds the cherry on top!

47. Snowy dreamland

This design is reminiscent of the snowy dreamland that we see in animation movies. And this nail color screams winter!


48. Holiday decor

If you still haven’t decided on your Christmas nails, just close your eyes and pick this one. Trust me, you’d slay it.

49. Plum beauty

Transition from fall to the winter season with this nail design that is a perfect blend of both seasons.


50. Red criss-cross

Last but not the least, copy this comparatively simple criss-cross nail design in the holiday season.

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