See These 21 Mastectomy Tattoos

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You could need to have a mastectomy—the whole or partial removal of one or both breasts—after learning that you have breast cancer. This procedure may include the removal of the breasts’ lymph nodes, muscle, and even the nipples. Some women may even have this surgery done as a preventative strategy if there is a family history of breast cancer. After breast reconstruction surgery, ladies may choose to have implants, receive breast prosthesis, go flat, have classic breast reconstruction surgery, or obtain areola tattoos. Of course, mastectomy tattoos are one option that is a bit more vibrant than the others.

A tattoo after a mastectomy: what is it?

A mastectomy tattoo is a creative tattoo designed to cover up scars after a mastectomy. It is applied above the breast region. Women who had implants but not nipple restoration often decide to have tattoos commemorating their mastectomy. Individuals that go flat could also have tattoos. Ladies who are flat may still cover their mastectomy tattoos with mastectomy bras and breast prosthesis.


In summary, mastectomy tattoos allow women who have undergone the psychological and physical anguish of a mastectomy to reclaim their bodies. Women are able to express themselves in a fresh and lovely manner thanks to the original artwork.


There are many feminine patterns that mimic the shape of the breasts in mastectomy tattoos, but the possibilities are almost limitless. They may have any characteristic you choose and come in any size. Make your own original design or choose a striking image that inspires you. Mastectomies tattoo artists are able to take your thoughts and work with you to create a tattoo that matches your vision and your body in a pleasing way. Just be sure to choose something that speaks to you and gives you a sense of uniqueness.


1. David Allen’s Floral Double Mastectomy Tattoo

David Allen’s delicate flower tattoo. Soft, subdued blossoms accentuate the body’s contours in David Allen’s exquisite and dreamy tattoos. Allen’s body art has even been shown at New York’s MoMA!

2. David Allen’s Floral Single Mastectomy Tattoo


David Allen created yet another exquisite tattoo, this one on a single mastectomy.


3. Ike Trimboli’s Multicoloured Tattoo Featuring Watercolour Flowers

Ike Trimboli’s tattoo has lovely watercolour flowers and curving embellishments that are attractive.

4. Sexy Ike Trimboli Flourished Bra Tattoo


This sensual tattoo, also by Ike Trimboli, resembles a bra.


5. Shane Wallin’s Lace and Floral Bra Tattoo

Another tattoo of a lacy bra! It’s from Shane Wallin. We like the feminine flower accents and the elaborate, colourful design.

6. Shane Wallin created a detailed monochrome bra tattoo.


This Shane Wallin bra tattoo features an incredibly intricate, whimsical design.


7. Shane Wallin’s Illusion Feather Tattoo

Despite the flat breast, the tattoo’s curve creates the appearance of depth and dimension.

8. Shane Wallin created a 3D feather tattoo.


We like this mastectomy tattoo’s three-dimensional appearance and the way the feathers curl.


9. Shane Wallin’s Traditional Tropical Tattoo

With its outline of waves, sunset, and tropical flowers, this tattoo has a classic appearance. The motivational saying is a lovely addition.

10. Chest Plate with Angel Wings by Shane Wallin

This amazing breast cancer fighter would be excellent for this angel wing tattoo, which makes us think of armour.


11. Traditional Rose Ink Design by Shane Wallin

These flowers have an edgy but feminine appearance. This tattoo has a fantastic depth because to the exquisite shading.

12. Tattoo of a Butterfly and Cherry Blossom by Shane Wallin

This cherry blossom follows the curve of the body flawlessly. It covers the scars from both the hysterectomy and the mastectomy by sweeping over the breast and down the side of the body.


13. Shane Wallin’s watercolour butterfly and caterpillar tattoo

The incredible watercolour effect creates a very stunning appearance. The vibrant caterpillar and butterfly stand for metamorphosis.

14. Shane Wallin’s tattoo “Blooming Zipper”

This is a very imaginative and enjoyable technique to hide the scar after the mastectomy.


15. Tattoo of a Steampunk Dragonfly by Stacie Rae Weir

A distinctive fusion of the natural and industrial is created by the steampunk gears, flower, and tiny dragonfly. Though Stacie-Rae Weir creates stunning mastectomy tattoos, her true passion is creating 3D nipple tattoos.

16. Beautiful Butterfly and Flower Tattoo by Samantha Rae

This tattoo is colourful, lively, and feminine with lots of different butterflies and pink flowers. In essence, it’s a girly-girl’s fantasy.


17. Stupenka Tattoo’s watercolour “Blossoms” single mastectomy tattoo

The mastectomy scar is expertly followed by this delicate watercolour tattoo, which incorporates it into the design.

18. Tribal Tattoo after Double Mastectomy

This tribal tattoo is understated and straightforward. If you want to cover over a scar with a tattoo but don’t want anything large or ornate, this is a suitable alternative.


19. Tattoo on Lace Top

This intricate tattoo has the appearance of a lace top. This tattoo is really unique due to its intricate detailing and shading.

20. Tattoo of two flowers by Josh Robinson

Twin blossoms are tattooed on each breast in this gorgeous design. The green, purple, and pink combine to give a lovely and vibrant appearance.


21. Austin J. Evans’s Geometric Rose tattoo

This geometric, art deco-inspired tattoo has a clean, stained glass-like appearance.

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