More Than 30 People Who Underwent Extreme Plastic Surgery

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Some people use plastic surgery as a means of self-expression or to enhance their physical appearance. Some people receive minor procedures, but others go a little too far. These people have gone to extreme lengths with plastic surgery, and the results are pretty amazing. They went from wanting to look like Kim Kardashian to wanting to look like a cat. See how far people went with their plastic surgery journeys by reading on.

1. Victoria Wilde Turned Into A Real-Life Princess

Before she discovered her passion for plastic surgery, Victoria Wilde was just a regular French girl from a small town. She spent $49,000 to look like a sex doll, so she no longer resembles the person she once was.


After receiving her business degree, Wilde worked in the fashion industry until realizing there were better opportunities elsewhere. She now makes $130,000 a year working as a model and promo girl all over the world thanks to her new appearance.

2. The Pixee Fox Model Had Six Ribs Removed Pixee Fox put her life in danger to have six ribs removed in order to achieve a very small waist. Because of the risks involved, most doctors will not perform this procedure.


Jessica Rabbit from Who Framed Roger Rabbit served as the model for Fox’s appearance. She underwent liposuction, jaw reconstruction, four boob jobs, and surgery to elongate her ears in order to get this look.


3. “Come On Barbie Let’s Go Party”—Ken Celso Satebanes, Popularly Known as Brazillian Human Ken Doll—took the least amount of time to change into Barbie’s partner among the three Ken dolls. At the age of sixteen, he began his transformation, spending a mere $39,000.

Satebanes lost his fight with leukemia in 2015, despite having high hopes for the future. His desire to surgically change into Ken was heightened by his parents’ constant criticism that he looked like a doll.

4. From Human to Feline

Mark Dolan’s childhood nickname, “The Stalking Cat,” stuck with him. After enlisting in the Navy, Dolan served for a few years before relocating to San Diego. He’s always loved tigers, and in the 1980s he made the decision to adopt a tiger’s appearance. He started altering and inking his face


Dolan tried to be a human tiger by moving his septum and splitting his upper lip. He had a robotic tail, too. Although Stalking Cat sadly passed away in 2014, his legacy endures in the furry community.

5. Natasha Crown Desires The Biggest Butt in the World

The objective of Natasha Crown is to become the “world’s biggest butt.” Her rear end is currently 85 inches in diameter.


Crown wants to keep working on it after undergoing three Brazillian butt lifts. She also wants cosmetic procedures done on her boobs and nose.

6. Kim Kardashian in a masculine avatar

Men also adore Kim Kardashian, despite the fact that many women look up to her. Jordan James Parke underwent $130,000 worth of surgery to enhance his resemblance to Kim and her relatives. He’s had lip fillers, cheek implants, and a nose job.


Parke recently underwent neck and jawline liposuction because he wanted Kylie Jenner’s chin. He made the financial decision to have his surgery done in a Polish clinic for $3,000 as opposed to $15,000 in the US.

7. Sprague Eric The Man with the Lizard

Born in Kentucky, Eric Sprague was pursuing a doctorate at the University of Albany prior to beginning his drastic metamorphosis. Sprague developed an interest in body modifications and desired to work as a sideshow performer.


To resemble a lizard more, he had his tongue split, tattoos, skull implants, and other body modifications. He now acts in strange productions and appears on “Ripley’s Believe It or Not.”

8. Man To Androgynous Extraterrestrial

Californian makeup artist Vinny Ohh has over $50,000 invested in 110 procedures to change his appearance into that of an androgynous alien. He began his journey with lip fillers when he was seventeen years old.


Later on, Vinny had two nose jobs, and numerous cheek and brow procedures, and he wears black contact lenses on a daily basis. He wants to have his genitalia removed in order to feel more like an alien who is genderless, so his metamorphosis is not complete.

9. She aspires to resemble her caricature.

Krystina Butel had her first caricature done when she was sixteen years old, while on vacation in Ibiza. She wanted to change her appearance to more closely resemble the drawing after seeing it because she was so envious of how it appeared.


Butel paid an astounding $173,000 to have her drawing more like her. She wants more work done on her until she resembles her drawing exactly.

10. Rodrigo Alves Underwent More Than 72 Surgery

Rodrigo Alves underwent 72 procedures to achieve the ideal masculine physique, earning him the nickname “The Human Ken Doll”. Following numerous years of surgery, he experienced a profound epiphany.


Rodrigo Alves, who goes by Roddy now, is currently attempting to transition into a woman after realizing that she has always been a woman on the inside.

11. Ciganovic Neven Also known as Starletan

Neven Ciganovic, the popular Croatian Instagram user, underwent his first surgery at the age of 22. His new moniker is Starletan.


Over the years, Starletan has undergone a number of procedures, such as cheek implants, silicone lip injections, and three nose jobs.

12. Jedlica Justina, It’s “The Human Ken Doll”

One of the other “Human Ken Dolls,” Justin Jedlica, underwent more than 150 procedures to give him the doll-like appearance he has.


When Jedlica was seventeen, he made the decision that he wanted surgery, but his parents disapproved, so he put off getting his first nose job until he was eighteen. Justin now serves as a consultant for people looking to have plastic surgery to alter their appearance.

13. It’s More Feline Than Human That Jocelyn Wildenstein Is

The billionaire socialite Jocelyn Wildenstein has undergone multiple surgeries to give her a feline appearance. We can understand why she has been dubbed “The Catwoman” by the press.


Media reports state that Wildenstein has invested about $2 million in various procedures. Ever since she started her journey towards plastic surgery, she has been chasing the ideal face.

14. The Real-Life Superman Is Herbert Chavez

Some aspire to look like superheroes, while many others want to look like well-known celebrities. Herbert Chavez, for instance, underwent 26 surgeries to resemble Superman.


Chavez has dedicated two decades to his dream of becoming a stunt double for Clark Kent. To get this look, he had lip fillers, several nose jobs, and liposuction. Rather than being addressed as “The Man of Steel,” he is called “The Man of Plastic.”

15. Lacy Wildd Changed Her Size From An A Cup To A Q Cup

In 2014, Lacey Wildd, a mother of six, appeared on Botched. She had several breast augmentations to get the big cup size she does.


Despite the doctor’s cautions about the risks associated with more surgery, Wildd has stated that she wants to keep getting her chest larger. Her children have expressed their disapproval of her enormous breasts in public.

16. Britney Spears To Brian Ray

Brian Ray first considered plastic surgery when he was just sixteen years old. When he was a young adolescent, Britney Spears was his obsession. He now has a Britney Spears-like appearance after numerous years and procedures.


Ray has invested $80,000 and undergone 90 surgeries to achieve this transformation. Veneers, a nose job, botox, fat injections, and lip fillers are on the list of procedures.

17. A lawyer who became a vampire

Maria Christina is a former Guadalajara, Mexico, attorney. Her strange transformation gained widespread attention in 2015 when she was crowned the “female with the most tattoos and body modifications.”


Because of her fang-like teeth and titanium horns, Christina is also known as the “Mexican Vampire Woman”. She was first brave enough to begin body modification after divorcing her violent husband. She now runs a tattoo parlor and is thrilled with how she looks.

18. Living in Polymer, It’s Amazing Since She’s A Barbie

In a place called Tiraspol, Valeria Lukyanova, popularly referred to as “The Real Life Barbie,” was born to Moldovan parents. She had a great collection of Barbie dolls and grew to love them since she was a young child.


She remained devoted to her dolls into adolescence and adulthood, unlike most children. She had plastic surgery to make herself resemble a Barbie doll because her love for the doll was so great. She said today that she is done having plastic surgery and is now more interested in working out.

19. The Parrot Man, Ted Richards

Ted Richards had such a deep admiration for parrots that he had surgery to become one. In an attempt to better resemble a bird, he had his ears amputated to improve his hearing, but he also tattooed his eyes, risking going blind.


He travels everywhere with his pet parrot. Despite the health issues that have resulted from his body alteration, he has refused to stop.

20. The Angelina Jolie Replica, Sahar Tabar

Iranian influencer Sahar Tabar led many to believe that she underwent extensive plastic surgery to resemble Angelina Jolie. However, it wasn’t long before anyone noticed that she was heavily relying on Photoshop and makeup to achieve this altered look.


Tabar was taken into custody in 2019 on charges of stealing money, encouraging violence, and dressing inappropriately.

21. Identical Surgeries for Twins

The Swedish twins, Emma and Sarah Koponen, are employed as ringside attendants and have undergone a $25,000 plastic surgery procedure. They had always desired to alter their appearance because they were envious of the girls who had large breasts.


They always make sure to have the same procedures done because they wanted to maintain their identical appearances. The twins have had nose jobs, veneers, and three breast augmentations in addition to routine lip fills.

22. Actual Life Jessica Lambrecht

Penny Brown is a fetish model, cosplayer, and wearer of corsets. In 2012, she began training with corsets to achieve Jessica Rabbit’s body type. Brown’s cup size was increased to an O through breast augmentations.


Brown claims that although she had always had a smaller waist, she sought to use corsets and surgery to achieve more extreme proportions. She was able to trim fifteen inches off her waist, but wearing tight corsets so frequently has many risks. Since it is possible to move your internal organs, the Victorian era saw the end of this fashion.

23. Kim Kardashian Differencing

Due to her stunning appearance, Kim Kardashian has a huge fan base. Claire Leeson from Essex, England, is one of the people who will go above and beyond to have surgery in order to look like her.


Leeson regrets the $23,000 she spent on butt pads, fillers, and breast augmentations to make her look like Kim. Nobody takes her seriously anymore because of all the hate she gets online.

24. Artist Who Transformed Plastic Surgery Into Performance Art Born in 1947 as Mireille Suzanne Francette Porte, she adopted the name Orlan in 1971. She is well-known for her live performances in Paris, New York, and Los Angeles. Orlan challenges societal standards of beauty for women through plastic surgery.

Once, Orlan sculpted her face to resemble a giraffe. She also thinks that altering her body can be considered an artistic endeavor. She has always maintained that her goal in having plastic surgery was to question the notion of beauty rather than to look more attractive.


25. The teen idol had a severe case of Bieber fever Back in 2012, every guy aspired to look like Justin Bieber. This man paid hundreds of thousands of dollars to mimic the pop star’s appearance.

To emulate Justin Bieber, Toby Sheldon underwent six hair transplants and lip augmentations. Regretfully, he died in 2015 before he could finish his complete makeover.

26. Had Modifications To Look Like Madonna

Venus D Lite or Adam Guerra from season three will be familiar to you if you are as big of a fan of RuPaul’s Drag Race as we are. Despite his lackluster performance in the competition, his resemblance to pop icon Madonna made him an unforgettable drag queen.


Guerra had 18 procedures and spent $200,000 to get this similarity. Although he also spent $100,000 on costumes, we still applaud his commitment to the impersonation.

27. These Two Desired to Have Brad Pitt’s Look

As we previously stated, Brad Pitt has a look that is simple to pull off. There are many different looks to imitate because he has been in the spotlight for a long time.


identical twins Thousands of dollars are spent by Mike and Matt Schlep in an attempt to imitate Brad Pitt’s style. They even appeared on an I Want A Famous Face episode on MTV.

28. He desired to resemble Ryan Gosling in order to get more auditions

As demonstrated by Nicolas Ryan’s attempt to resemble Ryan Gosling, the path to becoming a beloved celebrity does not always go as planned.


Aspiring actor Nicolas Ryan desired to resemble Ryan Gosling in order to get significant roles. Sadly, the outcomes fell short of his expectations.

29. Her Main Source of Inspiration Is Lady Gaga

Many people find inspiration in Lady Gaga. Her message is one of self-love and accepting oneself for who you are. In addition, she is a style icon with a plethora of iconic looks that her admirers can imitate.


Donna Trego is a devoted fan of Lady Gaga who has paid $60,000 to mimic the singer’s appearance and frequently attends her concerts. She occasionally even performs a tribute act.

30. Meghan Markle Reminiscent

Numerous plastic surgeons have cited the former royal as their source of surgical inspiration. Unquestionably, Meghan Markle is stunning, and Xochi Greer, one woman, aspired to look just like her.


In order to look like Markle, Greer spent $30,000 on plastic surgery. To get this look, she had a nose job and liposuction.

31. The half-sister of Lindsey Lohan desired to resemble her

Lindsay Lohan is an acclaimed actress who starred in Mean Girls and The Parent Trap. Despite her turbulent past, she remains stunning, and a lot of people, including Ashley Horn, her half-sister, wish to see her.


In order to resemble her sister, she underwent five separate procedures: fat injections into her chin, cheek and jawline refinement, and nose job. Her total cost for all of these procedures was $25,000.

32. Her Outcomes Were Not What She Had Expected

When Jennifer Lawrence played Katniss Everdeen in The Hunger Games, everyone fell in love with her. One fan in particular was completely enamored with her appearance and desired to look just like her.


She spent an impressive $25,000 on plastic surgery to look like her favourite actress, Kitty, as she goes by online. She may not have gotten the outcomes she had hoped for, but she is still attractive.

33. The Incredible Hulk

Considering the Hulk’s appearance is usually created through computer-generated imagery, this is most likely the hardest transformation to complete. Romario Dos Santos Alves went to great lengths to fulfil his dream of becoming the Hulk in real life.


He received injections to make his arms look bigger, but doing so had major side effects, including a near-fatal amputation. Fortunately, he is still trying to be the Hulk today and is doing OK.

34. Kate Winslet’s Aspirations

For some, all it takes to look like a star is to turn the pages of a magazine and find their Hollywood twin. When Deborah Davenport noticed Kate Winslet in a magazine, this is what transpired.


Davenport paid a meager $15,000 for Botox and injections to mimic the starlet’s appearance because she thought Winslet was stunning.

35. The Biggest Fan of Ricky Martin

Ricky Martin is an amazing artist whose music instantly makes you want to get up and dance. His admirers adore him, especially Fran Mariano, who is his biggest fan.


Ricky Martin is an amazing artist whose music instantly makes you want to get up and dance. His admirers adore him, especially Fran Mariano, who is his biggest fan.

36. Her final desire was to resemble Demi Moore.

After learning that she had a fatal illness in 2010, Lisa Connell made the decision to live her life to the fullest by dressing like her idol, Demi Moore.


She paid thousands of dollars for an eyebrow lift, implants, and liposuction. When Demi Moore learned about this, she wished that she hadn’t followed through because, well, she was already so gorgeous.

37. All People Aspire To Be Like Angelina Jolie

Because of her inherent beauty, a lot of people want to look like Angelina Jolie. For instance, from some perspectives, Chelsea Marr could pass for Jolie.


She only needed to add lip fillers to her appearance because she already had a Jolie-like appearance.

38. She Desires To Equidate With Kylie Jenner In Every Facet Of Life

Over time, Kylie Jenner has undergone significant physical changes, and many have attempted to imitate her appearance. In an attempt to resemble one of the Kardashian/Jenner siblings, many people have had plastic surgery.


Amira Boualleg, a teenager, has long aspired to be like Kendall Jenner and is a huge fan of hers. Similar to Kylie Jenner, Boualleg has an intense love for makeup and cosmetics and aspires to launch her own line in the future.

39. Jessica Alba Abandoned This Metamorphosis

Ever since her ascent to fame, Jessica Alba has been regarded as the epitome of “the girl next door.” Xiaoqing, one fan, was prepared to shell out a lot of cash to change into Alba.


When Jessica Alba learned that the young girl would be having plastic surgery to make her look more like her, she made an effort to stop it. She desired Xiaoqing to understand that she is inherently beautiful and does not require the likeness of another person to be attractive.

40. To Look Like Amy Winehouse, Just A Few Easy Steps

Sometimes, people can achieve the same celebrity appearance without having to pay a fortune for plastic surgery. This woman enhanced her natural resemblance to Amy Winehouse by applying the iconic eyeliner and hairstyle.


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