50 Odd, Hilarious, And Completely Crazy TikTok Remarks That Found Their Way Into This Twitter Page

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TikTok is somewhat of a love/hate relationship on the internet. Some users browse the stream for hours looking for interesting and unique new movies, while others are so addicted to the app that they wouldn’t touch it with a ten-foot pole. Even if it’s for the wrong reasons, TikTok can occasionally be really entertaining. That much is true.

This is where the Twitter account “TikTok Comments,” also known as @commentsooc, comes into play. It captures the most odd, perplexing, and insane screenshots and comments to ever appear on the video-sharing app. Some of the worst offenders are gathered here. Navigate down to see them.






In June 2020, the “TikTok Comments” Twitter page was established. The account now has 195k followers in the almost three years since it was created. It’s obvious that people enjoy witnessing how bizarre and absurd TikTok can get!

The account’s founder places a high priority on community involvement. They exhort their fans to message them with their own entries without holding back. The most impressive ones may even be highlighted on the page so that everyone can admire them.







TikTok is currently quite popular. Over 1.53 billion people use the app globally, according to “Demand Sage”—nearly a third of all internet users on the planet. Among them, 1 billion are monthly active users (or one-fifth of all internet users worldwide).

On the other hand, the platform sees over 1 billion videos viewed daily. The figures are astoundingly remarkable. But large numbers by themselves don’t equal success. TikTok has been dubbed a “weapon of mass distraction” by some analysts.








On average, a TikTok user uses the platform for 1.5 hours every day. This used to be approximately 14.6 minutes in 2019.

With people’s attention spans being progressively shorter, an increasing number of them are becoming accustomed to extremely short-form content.





For instance, Dr. Gloria Mark of the University of California, Irvine, informed CNN that scientists have been monitoring the deterioration in people’s concentration for many years.

In 2004, we found that people spent 2.5 minutes on average staring at a screen. Years later, we measured attention spans and found them to be roughly 75 seconds. People can only focus on a single screen for an average of 47 seconds, according to recent research,” the expert said.





The precise amount of time that the typical person spends in front of a screen each day is hard to comprehend. For example, “Expploding Topics” reports that individuals worldwide spend approximately seven hours a day in front of screens (6 hours and 58 minutes, to be exact). The average in the United States is a little bit higher, at seven hours and four minutes. In contrast, South Africans spend ten hours and forty-six minutes.




Meanwhile, CNN reports that the average American consumes media for about 10 hours and 39 minutes a day, using an audience report from Nielsen Company. Radios are covered in this as well as using PCs, cellphones, tablets, and TVs.





Overall, I’m not surprised by the outcomes. The amount of time we spend using screens is increasing along with the number of devices we own. Many individuals have been considering how or whether this time spent is a good use of their time, which becomes a complex topic, according to Harvard University health sociology professor Steve Gortmaker, who spoke with CNN.




To put it briefly, we could all benefit from taking longer pauses from technology. Your physical and mental well-being is far more crucial than anything else, regardless of how amusing the TikTok videos and comments may be. It’s okay to overindulge occasionally. However, if you find yourself aimlessly browsing, attempt to stop yourself.





Fox’s, what are your opinions about TikTok and its culture? Do you find more entertainment on other applications and websites, or are you major fans? After work or school, how much time do you spend staring at screens? Post your ideas in the comments section.





















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