How to Get Shiny Nails Without Using Nail Polish

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I’ll explain below how to get glossy nails without using nail paint if you’re accustomed to the sheen of polish yet sometimes want your nails to breathe! Nothing is more feminine than neat, glossy nails, therefore it’s crucial for every woman to know how to maintain them without using manicure paint.

Tips for shining nails without the need of nail paint

1. Rose Water

Did you know that your nails would seem more polished if you use rose water on them every day? Rose water will give your nails a glossy appearance without the need for nail paint, so there’s no need to have a weekly manicure.


2. Petroleum Jelly

One additional all-natural method to give your nails a glossy appearance. The secret is to regularly moisturize your nails with petroleum jelly, particularly just after a shower when your pores are open and your nails might lose their natural moisture. which will maintain the health and shine of your nails.

3. Oils Oils

Many women neglect to use cuticle oil in their nail care regimen, but they are missing out on so many advantages! Using cuticle oil is one of the key stages to glossy nails without nail paint. What is the benefit to your nails? In addition to keeping your nails from drying out and breaking, cuticle oil also makes your nails seem more polished. Apply your preferred oil all over your cuticles and nails. Almond oil or baby oil are highly recommended since they not only hydrate your cuticles and nails but also prevent cracking and dryness, resulting in healthy, glossy nails.


Additionally, we advise soaking in olive oil:

  1. Lightly warm up some olive oil; avoid making it too hot.
  2. Soak your fingernails in the olive oil for a duration of two minutes.
  3. You may either wear plastic gloves and keep them on for an hour or as long as you can after the two minutes are up, or you can wrap your hands and nails with a plastic bag.

After completing step 4, wash your hands with water and apply moisturizer. Your nails will appear just as glossy as they did when you applied nail paint, we guarantee it.


4. Use lemon slices to massage your nails.

Your chances of having yellow nails are higher if you often apply nail paint. Try rubbing lemon slices on your nails on a daily basis to help them remain glossy without the need for manicure paint. Alternatively, you may try this easy DIY treatment for glossy nails: simply combine 1 tablespoon baking soda, 1 teaspoon lemon juice, and 1 teaspoon olive oil to form a thick paste, apply it on your nails, and then rinse with water. In this manner, you’ll maintain strong, glossy nails!

5. Make use of a buffer.

A nail buffer is an essential item for any woman’s manicure care kit. You may use the nail buffer, a simple instrument, to massage your nails for really glossy nails. You won’t be able to quit using a nail buffer once you start using one and see your beautiful nails.


6. Whitening Toothpaste

We understand that this advice may sound a little strange, but you really should give it a try before passing judgment. Toothpaste works wonders to keep your nails looking healthy and bright even when there isn’t any nail paint on them. After putting some toothpaste on each nail, begin brushing with a wet nail brush. You’ll see the desired outcomes as soon as you’re finished.

7. Lemon Juice

You most likely have yellowing nails if you often apply nail paint. You may be thinking that you should give your nails a vacation, but your yellow nails don’t look good. There is a method to eliminate that appearance and maintain the healthy, glossy shine of your nails.


How to prepare a lemon scrub for strong, shiny nails:

  1. In a small dish of water, combine one lemon, a table spoon of baking soda, and a little salt.
  2. Let the lemon mixture soak into your nails for ten or so minutes.
  3. After carefully cleaning your nails with an old toothbrush or nail brush, wash your hands. After this cleaning, you won’t need to use any nail paint.

8. Daily Tip: How to get shiny nails without using nail polish

As was already indicated, you may use washes, masks, and regular product application, but the most important advice is to make little changes to your daily routine to maintain healthy, glossy nails.

  • Put on gloves while washing dishes.
  • Try to avoid getting manicures right after one another; instead, give your nails a vacation from polish.

To ensure that you are providing the finest care for your nails, use breathable nail paint and use high-quality nail polish remover.

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