Through My Surreal Photography, I Show The Perfect Balance Between The Dancers’ Bodies

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I’ve spent the past two years searching for the most unusual and intriguing sites to use professional dancers to construct fantastical buildings. I wanted to depict the beauty and peace that are being formed in communities where people choose to choose love above negativity and hatred, despite the state of disarray that the world is now in.

I look for models, settings, and picture ideas for hours on end. After that, I use post-processing and creative photography methods to make my photographs. All of the ballet dancers pose for photos on site, varying in position to get the perfect shot.


The end product is inventive photography that has never been seen before—a vision of the future I see in which people live in harmony with the natural world and urban settings, transcending borders and limitations.

I hope these pictures make you smile and encourage you to consider what’s possible when we face our anxieties.


Tree Of Life

Sky Climb


Spontaneous Creation (Part 1)

The Stairs (Part 1)


El Espíritu Asciende (Part 2)

Early Growth


Human Tetris (Part 1)

Human Tetris (Part 3)


The Climb

Spontaneous Creation (Part 2)

El Espíritu Asciende (Part 1)


High Noon

The Pod

Evolution Of A Fall

Evolution Of A Jump

Rise Up

New York State Of Mind (Part 1)

The Dawn

The Lion King

The Stairs (Part 2)

Skeleton Queen


Human Tetris (Part 2)

New York State Of Mind (Part 2)

New York State Of Mind (Part 3)

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