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Have you ever wondered what the heck the tuck in French is, and heard the term used? Also me! Until I at last finished watching Queer Eye on Netflix! France has been renowned for its sophisticated elegance and beautiful fashion for many years. When it comes to establishing trends in the realm of design, the French have been ahead of the rest of us. It also comes as no surprise that the fashion capital gave rise to a number of fashion techniques.

However, there are rivals; Milan is one, and New York is another. There are a lot of sources of inspiration, including TV shows like The French Tip!

The French tuck is a straightforward or cinching tucking method from Netflix’s second season of Queer Eye, which stars actual life style experts extraordinaire. It attracted the attention of the fashion industry and, unsurprisingly, went viral online. Ever since the #FrenchTuck went viral, it has been trending on Instagram and TikTok.

However, what precisely is a French tuck? Was Tan France, the cast member of Queer Eye who made the French tuck popular, the one who invented it? Exists a unique French tuck shirt? Is the French tuck passé these days?


Let’s investigate! On y!

The French Tuck: What Is It?

Imagine this: As you meander through Paris’s cobblestone streets, you catch sight of a chic Parisian casually tucking the front of their shirt into their skirt or slacks while leaving the back loose. That’s the French Tuck done right, methinks. It’s a tiny yet effective styling tip that gives any look a touch of something special.

The French tuck is a style statement that involves tucking the front of your shirt into your slacks (or skirt) and letting the remaining portion fly freely into the breeze. Leave after partially, not fully, tucking the shirt!


The deliberate yet carefree technique of tucking in your shirt gives your ensemble a carefree, carefree vibe that exudes joie de vivre.


Additionally, it is global! This style may be replicated by both men and women! The French tuck is the same for both men and women!

The attractive practice of tucking one’s shirt in was seen during the first season of Queer Eye, but it wasn’t given a name until the second. Tan France’s distinctive style statement is still in demand.


The French Tuck’s simplicity is what makes it so beautiful. Tan France claims that the look helps your legs appear thinner and visually balances the proportions of your upper and lower body. It all comes down to learning how to strike the perfect mix between polished and laid back without making an effort.

Was the French Tuck actually invented by Tan France?

The answer to this query, which has been going around the internet incessantly, is not surprising: no. The French Tuck was not created by Tan France, and he most definitely did not give it his name. This style has been used for years by people in France. However, Tan France was the one who brought it into the public eye and popularized it.


Tan claims that he has been utilizing the tuck since he first saw it at a runway show over 20 years ago. Throughout the second season of Queer Eye, he made great use of the styling method. It felt cute, so when he needed a name, he thought of the “French Tuck.”


During my most recent visit to France, I saw that mannequins were wearing French tucks everywhere, even outside of the City of Light.


How is the French Tuck learned?

The remarkable adaptability of the French Tuck is among the factors contributing to its status as a mainstay in the wardrobes of stylish people across the globe. The French Tuck flatters a wide range of tops and body shapes, whether you’re wearing a flowing blouse, a comfortable cardigan, or a pristine button-down shirt.

This fashion tip has probably been known for years by the French, but if you’re not familiar with the style, here’s how to incorporate it into your look.

Given that it leaves a lot to the viewer’s imagination, the tuck looks best on loose apparel.

In keeping with the style of any classic French ensemble, start with a billowy blouse or an oversized shirt (large tees, relaxed tees, button-down shirts, etc. are good examples). Then, add some cutoff jeans, skinny jeans, high-waisted denim, or other high-waisted pants, and skirts (a maxi skirt, pencil skirt, or other high-waisted skirts) that just work. [A complete tuck looks better if the top is fitting.]


If you have décolletage, show it off by tucking the front of your shirt, or just a portion of it, into your pants and allowing some buttons to stand out.

Here are the detailed steps you need to achieve the ideal French tuck:

To finish the look, add some simple makeup, black boots, and a lovely tote bag. Choose a midi skirt and an oversized top for a more carefree and stylish style.


Remember to maintain some structure at the bottom when wearing an oversized top to avoid disjointed proportions. Both men and women can wear it, and it looks fantastic with a variety of outfits, including formal blouses and sweatshirts.

Why You Should Try the French Tuck

I’m not a stylist, but aside from its obvious style appeal, the French Tuck has a lot of advantages that make it a wardrobe staple. Fashion experts concur that you get:

Instant polish: The French Tuck easily takes your outfit from ordinary to outstanding, whether you’re dressed up for a dinner date or a laid-back get-together with friends.
Beautifying silhouette: The French Tuck draws attention to your greatest features and accentuates the waist while drawing vertical lines that are flattering on all body shapes.


Easy elegance: The ideal French Tuck radiates a charm and confidence that will turn heads wherever you go. It evokes the carefree elegance of French style icons.

Does the French Tuck remain fashionable?

Yes, indeed! The French Tuck’s lasting popularity argues otherwise, despite the opinions of some who believe styles like these have their day before going out of style. Its unique blend of flexibility and adaptability makes it a wardrobe staple for fashion-forward people.

With its effortless beauty and versatility, the French Tuck has proven to be more than simply a fad. It’s a classic styling approach that never fails to enthrall fashion fans. So, the French tuck is a simple technique to upgrade your appearance, regardless of your level of style expertise. Now feel free to tuck your pants or skirt waistline with one hand and carry on being your fierce self!


And there you have it—the French Tuck. Have you given it a shot? Do you have any advice? Tell, please!


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