There will soon be cow print nails everywhere; try these 25 designs.

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There will soon be cow print nails As a society, we are about to enter the yee-haw phase. Thus, cow-themed nail art will soon be ubiquitous.

According to celebrity manicurist Fleury Rose, “it’s evident that country is having a huge moment with upcoming country albums by Beyoncé, Lana Del Rey, and Post Malone.” “Cowboy boots are becoming popular among the trendiest young ladies, so it makes sense that cow print would be popular too!”

Fortunately, it’s a very simple DIY design. According to Rose, a traditional cow print has black blobs on a white background. “This can be easily accomplished with a dotting tool dipped in black polish; you can then alter the appearance by combining different color combinations!”

See the following 25 cow print nail art designs.

There will soon be cow print nails

Take the cow look seriously and get a full-on cow manicure. Rose used a real white polish with black specks on top to create this look.

At the Farm, springtime there will soon be cow print nails


This cheerful pattern combines white flowers with pink and yellow accents with a cow print. It’s cheery and vibrant.


Funky Combination


Adding cow print to a mix-and-match manicure is a lot of fun. This style combines the print with smiley faces, squiggles, and flowers.

Rainbow Mammal


This style includes a distinct color combination of cow print on each nail for a lively manicure.


White and Brown


Half of each nail in this manicure is covered in a brown and white cow motif on a sheer base. To maintain the fun factor, each nail has a slightly distinct design.

Little Cow


Rather than sticking to the classic large black blobs, this design consists of a little cow print on one nail. It matches a pattern with a black dot and white squiggle on other fingers.


The Rodeo Queen


Should you be entering your cowgirl phase, this striking square-nail design is ideal for you. The design has brown patches on a creamy white background, giving it the appearance of cowhide.

Accentuation Cow


A small accent nail with a cow can liven up any manicure. This style is a single matte nail with a cow print highlighted by a bright red polish.


Hearts Moo


This outfit really embraced the cow motif. It has a mixed-race, white-and-black cow print with lilac highlights and a purple cow face on each hand. Hearts are placed in the center of the cow print, another example of how negative space is used in design.

Vache is the French word for cow.


The cow print in this French tip design adds some visual interest. Even with the print, the style remains traditional thanks to the extremely sleek and curved tips.


In the Side


Cow print fragments are dotted all over this playful abstract pattern. Each hand has one nail with a half-moon-sized cow print and another with a little circle with a cow print on it.

Red and Blue together


Bright red serves as the foundation for the chalky blue cow pattern in this design. The two hues’ contrast produces a really captivating appearance.


Funky Cow


This stylish mix-and-match manicure design has swirls, yin-yang symbols, wavy checkerboard, and cow print. A combination of black, white, pink, green, and purple is used.

This design has a nude base with a matte black cow print on some nails and a glossy finish with jewels and metals on the others for a very neutral appearance.


This design has a small cow stripe and swirls of blue, pink, orange, and yellow in addition to the entire cow pattern nail. Its top coat is matte.

The design of this cow-print manicure is created with a shade of milk chocolate brown. As opposed to the conventional black-and-white, it produces a softer look.This nail art has white flowers with black centers to complement the black and white cow image.

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