Try These 50+ Adorable Lavender Nail Designs This Spring!

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Try These 50+ Adorable Are you trying to find some amazing nail art in lavender for this season? If so, you’ve arrived at the appropriate post!

There are many various shades of purple, which makes it a very popular color choice. When the weather FINALLY gets warmer, I always look forward to painting my nails a lighter shade. Believe me, as a resident of Canada, I can tell you that pastels and light tones should be pulled out as the snow melts! For that reason, I wanted to show off all the adorable nail art you can try out this season, along with lavender and lilac nails!

For many years, the spring has seen a huge surge in the popularity of lavender. From a more lilac hue to a deeper lavender hue, there are a plethora of styles and hues to choose from.

There are lots of different options in this list of 50+ lavender nail designs that will make you stand out for months! We have what you need, no matter how complicated or basic your needs are! Do you need French advice? How about lengthy nails for a coffin? All of that is ours, along with everything in between!


Make them at your house.

With some of the equipment we provide below, you may easily reproduce several of these lavender nail designs at home. It’s not always necessary to visit a nail salon! But having your nails done by someone else and being pampered is always a joy!

Items that we suggest

In order to pull off some of the looks listed below, we suggest employing certain products that will greatly simplify the process of getting the desired outcome.

Purchasing this matte nail paint is advised if you wish to try matte nails at home:


Any nail may be made matte with ease. Try it out and have fun! One can matte any design.

These nail art brushes are great for hand drawing bows and other little embellishments like swirls. They are extremely detailed and aid in highlighting extremely minute details:


We’ve compiled over fifty of our best lavender nail designs below, ready for your upcoming manicure! Any complexion tone will look stunning with any of these lovely designs! In order to duplicate all of these ideas in the future, don’t forget to pin any of the pictures below!

Why not save a few designs so you can refer to them later if you’re not sure which one you like best?


The Greatest Lavender Manicures That Are Ideal For Your Next Project!

To view further designs, select any of the Instagram accounts listed below! These nail technicians offer several creative suggestions that would be ideal for your seasonal manicure!

Adorable Advice from Bry

This color is ideal for springtime! A French manicure is a fantastic choice if you’re searching for a more understated look!


A Touch of Sparkle from Charlotte

Why not add one or two glitter accent nails? This design would be ideal for a prom or even a birthday!


Wavy, created by Tiffany

These shades of lavender are ideal for spring!

Try These 50+ Adorable

From Agnieszka, Thin Swirls Try These 50+ Adorable

The white swirls and this hue of lavender are stunning!


Almond Lavender by Sarah


Cuffs in lavender by Megan

This design is really sweet and understated! Even if you’re not a skilled nail artist, you could definitely do this at home!


Lavender Glitter by Amy

These nails with glitter are gorgeous! Like Amy, you may simply recreate these on your natural nails or with fake nails.


Try out this easy yet entertaining spring design by Aimee!


Lavender looks very striking when paired with a rich purple hue!

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